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Donne & Cavalli Introduces Three New Products for 2007

Equestrian Gifts

Donne & Cavalli, the botanical skin care line developed for the active equestrian lifestyle, released three new products to kick off the new year. Like the entire Donne & Cavalli (Italian for “women and horses”) line, these new products are made with essential oils that are soothing to horse and rider.

After repeated requests from customers, Donne & Cavalli introduces their Aromatic Mist for Mind, Body, and Environment. This fine mist is an intoxicating blend of Spikenard, Lavender and Sage. It is perfect to spray on linens and horse blankets, or use in the home, barn or horse trailer to engage the senses and create a calm soothing space. The Aromatic Mist also doubles as an alluring body mist.

Donne & Cavalli is also pleased to introduce Aroma Sense, a creamy lotion containing the natural essential oil of peppermint and menthol to awaken the senses. “Riders will experience an uplifting, relaxing sensation by applying to temples, earlobes, and neck,” explains Donna Mastrianni, Master Esthetician, turned equestrian who developed the Donne & Cavalli line. “It’s great to use on stiff neck or apply to temple or jaw at the beginning of a headache, sinus or TMJ pain, or as a pick me up on those early show mornings”, Mastrianni added.

The third new product offered by Donne & Cavalli this season, is their own unique version of the popular rhythm beads necklaces for horses. Rhythm Bead Necklaces are soothing jewelry worn around the horse’s neck. The necklace’s soft bells accentuate the rhythm of horses' gaits and can actually aid in adjusting the tempo of a horse's movement and for help the rider to move in rhythm with the horse. On trails, the necklace’s bells help warn wild animals that the horse is coming through, so that they don't spook your horse by fleeing when the horse and rider gets too close to them. The Donne & Cavalli Rhythm Bead Necklaces have the added benefit of containing soothing essential oils inside some of the beads. The scents from the oils fill the air, calming both horse and rider. “These beautiful, hand strung beads really enhance the riding experience,” says Mastrianni.

So if you are ready for few new ways to indulge yourself and horse in 2007, be sure to test out Donne & Cavalli’s newest offerings. These new products are available at tack shops or can be ordered online at