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Wahl Chromado Cord/Cordless Rechargeable Horse Clippers

Horse Tack Review Staff

Maybe they are to precisely smooth out a show horse’s muzzle, or possibly to give an unruly pasture pony a routine shave; But clippers have a place in every tack room or grooming bag. In this review, we took Wahl Chromado Clippers for a spin – I mean, “shave.”

Wahl Chromado Clippers retail for a suggested $149.99, and are described as, “The latest technology. 5000 RPM cord/cordless clipper is quiet and powerful. Chrome-plated Magic Blade with 5 trim lengths from #40 to #9. Charging stand, detachable blade, cleaning brush, clipper oil, 4 guide combs. 90 min. of battery power. LED battery level indicator. 1-year warranty.”

As soon as these clippers arrived on our tester's doorstep, she began perusing them over. The manual recommends first charging the clippers for a full twenty-four hours. At first, you have to play with the clippers to get them to set correctly on the base, but they are extremely quick to get used to. Our tester loved the LED Battery Indicator – it lets you know just how much battery power you have at the time, and it stays lit for about a minute after you stop clipping. The clippers are sleek and handsome, but the metal on the front easily picks up finger print marks (but in a stable, that isn’t always a concern.)

Finally! The clipping challenge! The assorted blades were quick to attach for the relatively unruly “feathers” on the back of our tester's show horse’s fetlocks, and slid through the two inch bridle path on her overly fuzzy miniature pony with no trouble. With the original blade – without any attachments, she clipped a blaze, four ears, two muzzles, and eight legs in record time. These clippers definitely live up to the title of “powerful.”

Our tester did have two complaints. First, although advertised to be “quiet,” the clippers were found to be much louder then the usual clipper. Although not deafening, the more skittish horse of the two was less then pleased of having “that buzzing thing” by his ears. But the smaller of the two, the pony, had no issues with the noise what-so-ever. Depending on the horse, these may or may not be great for their ears. Second, a minor problem, the clippers did not come with any storage case case or bag for miscellaneous pieces, parts and oil. As most equestrians are, our tester innovation kicked in and the blades, brush, and oil were placed in a plastic baggie and stored in a crayon box with the clippers.

Overall, the Wahl Chromado Clippers did a quick and precise job. They left no lines, no mess, no problems, and all for a great price.