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Great Horse Toy - Amazing Graze

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This new product was designed for people who appreciate horses enough to give back the recreation and nutritional value lost when man removed horses from their natural grazing fields to spend all day in our fenced in paddocks and stalls. While playing with the AmazingGraze the horses are in their natural grazing position which veterinarians agree benefits as a great warm-up for conditioning the horses back, provides hours of stimulation and aids in relieving respiratory congestion.

Amazing Graze

The treat dispensing hole is easy to open and close, is large enough to fill with ease and accommodates large enough treats for the horses to appreciate.

The durable 6" threaded access accommodates all types of treats ex: cubed apples and carrots, hay cubes, home baked treats, almost all existing treats on market.

Horses that are bored will do many undesirable things that are both unhealthy for the horses and very costly for the owner of the barn. Horses that are bored will eat manure, chew fences, chew stalls, fight with each other, and or many other undesirable behaviors.

The need to fill some of this mischief time as well as fulfill the nutritional void is evident.

The Amazing Graze provides therapeutic recreation while fulfilling the midday nutritional void. They have tested this product and the horses loved it. The Amazing Graze was half filled with treats, cut carrots and was placed somewhere in the paddock while the horses ate their breakfast. The horses generally relaxed after their first meal then eventually became hungry and found the Amazing Graze. The horses played with the Amazing Graze until it was empty and in many cases they continued playing after all treats were dispensed. The Amazing Graze is great for limited time uses such as a reward for good behavior, a job well done, or to stretch the back and neck prior to training.

Large enough opening for hand, sponge, and brush for easy cleaning. The domed larger side keeps Amazing Graze from easily standing on end and adds space for treats inside canister

Different size elevating wheels holds treat canister and dispensing hole off of the ground, which prevents contamination of treats inside canister from any ground matter.

Different size elevating wheels creates a natural pitch so that all treats, by use of gravity, will eventually slide down to dispensing hole.

The Amazing Graze is made with shock resistant plastic of shape and wall thickness designed with full consideration given to the size, weight, strength, and behavioral patterns of horses. The shape of the Amazing Graze is unique, safe and extremely functional.

The Amazing Graze naturally circles around the horse which minimizes the area necessary for its use while also reducing the chance of being pushed out of the paddock.

Amazing Graze is large enough that it will not fit under most bottom fence rails.

Available at State Line Tack