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Cycloidal Vibration Massage Offers Benefits for Equine Athletes

Equine Resources International

The demands of the show season require that horses be in top condition. Cycloidal Vibration Massage Therapy offers owners and trainers a uniquely effective way to keep horses show ring ready by combating muscle soreness, strains and the daily aches and pains that can be associated with a rigorous show schedule.

Cycloidal vibration massage is different than traditional massage because it creates vibrations that penetrate gently and deeply through the body. This helps to stimulate circulation to affected areas and encourages healing for common conditions, such as swelling, muscle soreness or lactic acid build up. The Niagara Equissage® massage unit, from Equine Products, LLC, uses the power of cycloidal vibration massage to benefit the whole horse through a system made up of three units – Back pad, Hand unit and Leg boot.

Keeping horses healthy and able to train and compete is a vital concern for horse owners and trainers,” said Dave Kamer, President of Equine Products, LLC. “Cycloidal vibration massage is a safe and extremely effective way to provide therapy for injuries or to offer a working horse daily help with muscle soreness and other training-related aches. In fact, routine massage therapy with the Niagara Equissage before work can help horses come into the ring looser and perform to the best of their ability.”

Horses with highly active and stressful work schedules, such as hunters and jumpers, dressage horses, eventers, reiners and race horses, can all realize benefits from the Niagara Equissage system. To achieve optimum results, Kamer suggests that the unit should be used both before and after exercise. When the product is used prior to warming up, it will help to stimulate and loosen the muscles to get them ready for competition or daily exercise. Also, used as part of cooling down, cycloidal vibration massage can help reduce the build-up of lactic acid, and the stiffening of muscles and joints, while greatly minimizing the risk of the horse tying up after strenuous work.

Muscle soreness and strains are not the only threat to the working equine. Niagara Equissage can also help relieve respiratory conditions, such as thick winded horses, and improve joint mobility. The unique system relaxes muscles and can even help shortness of stride or pulled muscles. Cycloidal vibration massage also increases circulation, enhancing the lymphatic and venous systems. In addition, relieving hoof and leg problems, such as pulled ligaments and tendons, swellings due to knocks or inflammations, arthritis, sore shins, capped hocks, and bruising, are all possible with the Niagara Equissage.

“Our goal is to help provide relief for all types of horses – from the Olympic mount to the beloved retiree,” said Kamer. “The Niagara Equissage offers a range of therapeutic applications that will certainly be needed in any barn.”

For more information about the Niagara Equissage or to request a free product demonstration, call 502-895-8861 or visit