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Bzzzoff Fly Veils Now Available Internationally

Horse Tack - Fly Masks

Bzzzoff has begun to ship the Ultimate Eye Protection for your Four Legged Friends internationally! If insects are driving your horses mad then Bzzzoff Flyveils are what you need. Manufactured from the finest imported materials to refined and proven patterns Bzzzoff Flyveils provide instant relief, comfort and longevity.

Easy Fit Headband
The 25mm wide Head Strap is fully adjustable for easy fitting of your "fly veil". With a new improved HD (heavy duty) ladder lock clip, the strap will never slip or accidentally come undone. Bzzzoff Flyveils Colour Coded Labels are sewn on to the head strap providing easy size identification no matter how soiled or worn the "fly veil" becomes.

Ultra Open Weave Mesh
Bzzzoff Flyveils are constructed from our unique "Ultra Mesh" imported from the USA. This mesh possesses an open weave giving your "Fly Veil" superior optics and ventilation and ultimately more comfort for your horse.

UV Protection
Bzzzoff Flyveils provide increased SPF (Sun Protection Factor). The damaging effects of prolonged sun exposure are well established.

Soft Edge Trim
'Soft Edge' is a 25mm double folded woven tape which provides a smooth, soft and robust trim to the "fly veil". Bzzzoff Flyveils 'Soft Edge' trim is available in five fashionable and serviceable hues; Maroon, Bottle Green, Chestnut, Black or Royal Blue.

Adjustable Velcro Tab
Bzzzoff Flyveils have '2-Ply' reinforced corners thus avoiding 'point loaded tearing' common with meshes used in other "fly veils". while the 50mm Velcro Brand touch tape makes final adjustment positive and fitting this "fly veil" a delight.

New Sizing Labels
By request from many fly veil distributors, Bzzz Off has added an additional size label to the left hand brow area providing additional size identification to easily identify the right size "fly veil".

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