Horse Tack Review

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AMIGO BUG BUSTER - A revolutionary advancement in fly sheet technology!

Horse Tack - Fly Sheets

The Amigo Bug Buster is a ground-breaking improvement upon traditional fly sheets. It is the first equine product to provide BUZZ BLOCKERô Insect Shield repellency. BUZZ BLOCKERô Insect Shield Insect Repellent Gear for horses is the latest technology from Buzz Off Insect Shield, LLC, which obtained the first-ever EPA-registration of insect-repellent clothing for people.

BUZZ BLOCKERô gear products for horses are EPA registered to repel flies, mosquitoes, ticks and fleas, and the repellency remains effective through 25 washings. The active ingredient in BUZZ BLOCKERô products is permethrin. Unlike many conventional insect repellents that can have a strong odor and other unfavorable characteristics, the insect protection provided by the Amigo Bug Buster fly sheet is odorless and will not rub off on your horse.

You won't believe how effective it is in keeping bugs away. Seeing really is believing.

The Bug Buster has a built-in belly band for added protection as well as a removable neck cover.