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New Complete Equine First Aid Kit

Horse Tack - First Aid

Horses define you: they are what you are, what your drive, how you dress, the music you listen to, how you spend your time and what your friends know about you. Your horses are also your responsibility and why you should be prepared to help them in case of emergency, sickness or injury.

EquiMedic USA makes emergency horse care as easy for you as flicking on your electronic music player. For those serious horse owners with from three to ten horses in their care, EquiMedic USA introduces its seventh complete equine first aid kit, the Medium Barn Kit. With 71 different products and 553 total items, this new kit is rated for equine owners with from three to ten horses in their trust. It is specifically designed to meet most of your potential short term emergency needs at your home barn facilities. This new kit comes in it's own specially designed washable soft sided bright red bag with three main zippered sections, elastic loops, and additional pockets for organized retrievable of important supplies when needed.

The new Medium Barn Kit is a total investment in the healthy future and security of your small horse herd. EquiMedic believes that an adequate equine first aid kit is a horse owner's best insurance for the major expenditure that horse ownership is. Being prepared can not only protect your horse's health but it can ensure and extend his performing potential and ability to meet your needs from his athletic ability.

Available from EquiMedic USA's website: this new first aid kit joins previously available EquiMedic kits: the Economy Kit, the Horn Bag Trail Riding Kit, the Small and Large Trailering Kits, and the Professional Kit. These kits are also available from Smart Pak Equine, Dover Saddlery, Smith Brothers, Valley Vet, and National Ropers Supply, as well as a number of regional tack and saddle shops across the United States.

EquiMedic USA also offers all of its kits as kit contents only and sells all of its supplies separately for those who wish to build their own kits, and as replacement and restocking supplies. Additional supplies are also available as optional supplies for horse owners who want to purchase upgraded first aid supplies to add to their complete EquiMedic first aid kit purchases, or what they already own. EquiMedic USA is the one stop shopping center for all things horse first aid.

Dedicated to helping horse owners to be prepared for any emergency that may occur with their equine companions, EquiMedic offers first aid kits for all sizes of horse herds, designing many specialty use kits such as trail riding, barn use and trailering down the road. All of the EquiMedic equine first aid kits also provide at least some human emergency items for horse handlers and riders. First aid preparedness allows horse owners to be readily able to handle the short term needs of their equine companions until a veterinarian can intervene or take over the primary care of injury or sickness.

EquiMedic also offers four small disposable Mini Wound Care Kits and will be adding a Medium and Large Trail Riding Kit in the near future. The Large Barn Kit will come on line in 2008. The smaller complete first aid kits are designed for horse herds of from one to three horses, most medium kits fit horse herds of from three to ten horses, and the large trail riding and barn kits will serve herds and riders of from eleven to 18 horses. The Large Trailering Kit meets the needs of from three to ten horses and is designed for haulers of living quarter horse trailers. The Complete Professional Kit is specifically designed for large horse facilities, stables, trainers, clinicians, and event venues and is practical for meeting the insurance needs of these professional horse businesses.

EquiMedic USA is the world's exclusive manufacturer of a full range of complete equine, horse and rider first aid kits, rated for the number of horses each serves, designed for specific uses; kit contents only; build your own kit; plus a full range of optional first aid supplies, as well as regular re-fill and restocking items, for all things horse and rider related to emergency health, sickness and injury. Visit our web site at:

Please note that for example purpose only, the Equimedic Small Barn Kit is pictured.