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Collegiate Graduate Close Contact Saddle

Horse Tack - English Close Contact Saddles

The Collegiate Graduate Close Contact Saddle is a close contact saddle that utilizes the Easy Change Gullet System. Luxurious rich grain leather. Maximum contact & correct balance self-padded flaps, flocked panels & knee rolls. Official saddle of the "Intercollegiate Horseshow Association".

Collegiate Graduate at Jeffers Equine

Made from specially tanned hand-picked hides, Collegiate leather breaks in so quickly, you’ll feel like you’ve been riding in it for years only after a few days. Collegiate saddles feature laminated spring trees with formed panels and improved details and workmanship you would expect to find in saddles costing twice as much.

These remarkably affordable close contact saddles are created by master saddler Ruiz Diaz in Collegiate Saddleworks.

Aided by the latest technology, no detail of quality or craftsmanship is overlooked. Every step is under his personal supervision, from the selection of raw materials, through production, to quality control of each saddle.

Easy Change Gullet System available on the Collegiate Post Graduate

Your saddle may fit your horse today, but did you know, your horse will change shape as its maturity, type of work and level of fitness changes? To ensure that your saddle maintains the best fit for your horse, the Easy Change Gullet System allows you to change your saddle’s fit to suit your horse’s changing shape.

You can alter the fit of your horse’s wither by changing the gullet plate in the head of the saddle. With the Easy Change Gullet System all you need is a screwdriver and a few minutes to custom fit your saddle. Now you can ensure your horse’s comfort should its type of work, level of fitness or maturity change.

Easy Measure Gullet Gauge

An easy to use measuring system to select the correct size gullet for your horse. A gullet that is too narrow may pinch and restrict the horse’s shoulder movement while a gullet that is too wide may cause the saddle to sit on the horse’s wither leading to damage of the spine. With the Easy Measure Gullet Gauge you can easily determine whether your saddle has the correct fit for your horse. Regular checking of the gullet fit will ensure your saddle stays comfortable and correctly fits your horse’s changing shape.

Easy Change Gullets

A spring steel gullet ensures the head of the saddle stays completely rigid while allowing the seat flexibility. Gullets are available in six different color coded sizes to choose from ranging from Narrow to Extra Wide. Gullets are available individually or as a complete set.

Collegiate Graduate Close Contact Saddle