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Congratulations Katie and EV Tanner! Winner of Horse Tack Review's February Contest

Horse Tack Review Staff

Horse Tack Review congratulates Katie and Silhouette Stable's EV Tanner from Haliburton County, Ontario! They were selected as the Winners in Horse Tack Review's February Contest for a pair of Ariat Cameo Chaps! This is what Katie had to say when she learned that she'd won...

I can't remember exactly how I found out about the Horse Tack Review website, but I'm very glad I did. Owning 2 horses, but riding several more, I'm always looking at the latest products on the market. Horse Tack Review has helped me make decisions on which tack, apparel and equine products to buy, and also allowed me to give praise to my favourite products, and warn potential buyers about others.

Being involved with horses is an ongoing dream come true. Starting out in the western discipline, I eventually switched to riding english and then began concentrating on hunters and even gaming. My personal horse, Cricket, is an all-rounder who dabbles in a bit of everything - trail riding, hunters and lawnmower (on her days off!), but she excels at gaming. She's not extremely quick compared to other horses, but she's careful and that's our advantage.

Horse Tack Review has been a great resource which I will continue to use. It should be a bookmark on every horse owners computer!

Photo credit: William Cardwell