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Vermont Soap Launches Organic Horse Shampoo

Horse Grooming Supplies

Vermont Soap is pleased to introduce, to grateful horse lovers everywhere, the first truly organic horse shampoo made in the world. Equine Magic, the new horse shampoo from Vermont Soap Organics, meets or exceeds all USDA standards for organic food products. At last, there is a safe and non-toxic alternative to detergent and chemical cleaners.

Since many animals develop sensitivities to the detergent chemicals commonly used in pet shampoos today, Equine Magic has been specially formulated from certified organic vegetable oils and plant botanicals to leave horses clean and glossy without the risk of poisoning them. Equine Magic is made without artificial foaming boosters, synthetic preservatives, dyes or perfumes. Natural essential oils, including tea tree and citriodora, are added to repel insects and help prevent fungus infections.

Equine Magic is an effective multi-purpose cleaner that is designed to be used for the body of the horse and the mane and tail. It contributes to a glossy clean coat and makes it easier to comb flowing manes and tails.

"There is no need for Groomers to purchase all of the individual soap products that are being marketed to them for different parts of a horse," says Larry Plesent, founder of Vermont Soap. "Mane and tail cleaners are either the same as body washes with a different label or a small percentage of additional conditioning ingredients," adds Plesent.

Instructions for Use

Using warm water, if available, thoroughly wet horse down. Apply Equine Magic to a brush wetted with hot water and work thoroughly into coat. Rinse completely. Dry with towels, or rinse and allow horse to air dry in a clean and dry place. Avoid getting Equine Magic in eyes, as any soap may cause irritation. In case of accidental eye contact, rinse with clear water. Vermont Soap also suggests keeping a little milk handy as it instantly soothes eyes if soap gets into them.

Equine Magic is sold in economy size 1 and 5 gallon pails and 50 gallon bulk drums and can be purchased online at and will also be available at retail soon. For more information, retailers and consumers can visit the website or call toll-free 866-SOAP-4U2.