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Professional's Choice

Professional's Choice Sports Medicine Products, Inc. producer of the best selling line of Wrangler equine products has reintroduced their popular fly gear in plenty of time for the warm weather that brings out those nasty pests.

As always, the main concern of Professional's Choice is the health and comfort of the horse and these top-of-the-line fly products allow the horse to remain active yet free from the nuisance of nasty biting flies and other aggravating insects. Not only is skin irritation a concern for horse owners, but the variety of diseases that flies can carry is also alarming.

With the Wrangler® Fly System, the horse owner gets piece of mind that only comes with a nationally recognized brand, while the horse gets the comfort and freedom only a superior product can provide.

The Wrangler® Fly Sheet is a top seller due to engineering and design. Made of super-lightweight nylon mesh, it keeps the flies off while remaining cool. The contoured fit ensures the sheet stays in place without restricting freedom of movement. An added benefit of the sheet is its capacity to shield the horse from, and reflect, ultraviolet light. The nylon material also assists in maintaining a smooth coat.

Wrangler® Fly Masks, new for 2007, have been redesigned to furnish the highest degree of protection while remaining as comfortable and unrestrictive as possible. The top of the mask is a double layered combination of soft mesh with soft fleece edges making it extremely pliable but strong where it needs to be. The face of the mask extends around the jowls for extra coverage and has strategically placed darts to keep the mask away from the eyes for that perfect fit. The result is a mask which provides full protection without sacrificing movement or visibility for the horse. The mask is available with or without soft mesh ear covers.

Wrangler® Fly Boots are the perfect solution for protecting the lower legs. Their use can actually result in lowered shoeing costs due to reduced stomping. Made from durable, UV-protective 1000-denier mesh, they are easy to maintain and have a soft nylon trim that won’t collect debris. Contoured and reinforced with nylon webbing down the back to prevent sagging, they fit just right.

Professional's Choice, a manufacturer of equine and orthopedic products, is renowned in the equine industry for its innovative products. As inventor and manufacturer of the original patented Sports Medicine Boots and the SMx Air Ride™ Saddle Pad and authorized licensee for Wrangler Apparel Corp., manufacturing Wrangler and Twenty X equine products, gear bags and luggage, Professional's Choice has earned the respect of top trainers, professionals and everyday horseman alike.

“Leading the industry for the first 30 years was just the beginning.”

To locate an authorized Professional's Choice dealer near you, call 800-331-9421 or visit their website at