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United States Equestrian Federation

Merial Equine Pharmaceuticals, a world leader in animal healthcare and a trusted source for athletes and veterinarians, renews their commitment with the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) through 2008. Through this partnership with Merial, UlcerGard® (omeprazole) and GastroGard® (omeprazole) continue to be the “Official Equine Stomach Ulcer Products of the USEF”.

Merial’s products have long been used by USEF team horses as they travel to events both nationally and internationally. These products are made available to all USEF team horses to prevent stomach ulcers that are often associated with the stresses that come from confinement, training, travel, and competition.

“We’re very appreciative of Merial’s partnership with the USEF,” said USEF Sport Programs Executive Director Jim Wolf. “Their products are in a unique position to help the USEF promote the well being of our equine athletes while maximizing their performance.”

Merial offers the only two products on the market that are proven to prevent and treat stomach ulcers in horses while also being the only two stomach ulcer products to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Available through veterinarians, UlcerGard® allows horse owners to proactively prevent stomach ulcers whenever their horse is exposed to stressful situations such as, but not limited to, lay-up, training, travel and competition, while GastroGard® treats stomach ulcers and allows horses to continue training and competing while the ulcers heal.

“As a longtime supporter of the USEF and their equestrian teams, we are pleased to renew our official partnership,” said Jeannine Courser, Product Manager, Merial Equine Pharmaceuticals. “As a company dedicated to the health and well being of animals, we share a mutual commitment to maintaining a horse’s optimal health and to keep them ulcer-free so that they have the stomachs to perform at their best.”

For more information on Merial’s equine ulcer products, visit or

®GastroGard and ®UlcerGard are registered trademarks of the AstraZeneca Group of Companies. UGDCSA7USEFPR

For more information, please contact Stacey Meier, Director of National Marketing at (859) 225-6974 or via email at