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New Book Laminitis and Founder: Prevention and Treatment Offers Experts' Advice and New Research

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A new book published this spring is just in time to answer horse owners' question about the many forms of laminitis that may affect their horses. Veterinarian and nutrition expert Dr. Frank Gravlee has joined forces with farrier teacher and author Dr. Doug Butler to create a comprehensive, understandable and sensible guide for horse owners on this serious--and often preventable--problem that affects thousands of horses each year.

If you are worrying about spring pasture and bouts of grass laminitis, or founder as it is commonly called, or if you are concerned about forms of laminitis caused by Cushing's Syndrome and other endocrine problems, or if you just want to understand more about the most serious lameness problem affecting our horses, Laminitis and Founder has a menu of practical and scientific information prepared with the most recent research and proven management advice.

Laminitis and Founder: Prevention and Treatment will teach owners exactly what laminitis is and how the horse's body systems are affected. The book offers detailed advice on how to recognize horses that may be most at risk for the disease, and how to manage them. The second half of the book focuses on the effects of laminitis on the horse's feet, and how to best support them with professional horseshoeing expertise and veterinary medical treatment.

Sections of the book's advice on the use of heart bar horseshoes for laminitis were based on Dr. George Platt's years as a laminitis specialist and his experience working with the late farrier and heart-bar shoe expert Burney Chapman.

Owners will find tips on diet, pasture, obesity, exercise and the role of nutrition in both the healthy and laminitic horse, as well as advice on treatment and shoeing. Details of how farriers and veterinarians should work together will be helpful to the horse owner as treatment proceeds.

Veterinarians will find new information in this book on nutritional needs of foundered horses and also details on the new edema theory of laminitis. Farriers will see many examples of successful heart bar shoeing regimens with straightforward advice for using heart bars and how to monitor their effect on the laminitic horse.

Laminitis and Founder Prevention and Treatment is available from booksellers and tack shops all over the USA, or it may be ordered from Life Data Labs.

To order the book: Call 1 800 624 1873 during business hours or use the order form posted at Visa or Mastercard is accepted or mail checks to Life Data Labs, 12290 Hwy 72, Cherokee, AL 35616. The cost per book is $29.95 per book plus $5 postage in the USA and $10 postage to other countries. Educator and professional discounts are available for orders of five or more books.

About the authors: Frank Gravlee DVM, MS, CNS is the founder of Life Data Labs and the developer of Farriers Formula, the world's leading horse hoof-growth supplement. Dr. Gravlee breeds and raises Thoroughbred racehorses on the company's research farm in Cherokee, Alabama and has been successfully treating and consulting on cases of laminitis throughout his long career as a veterinarian and nutritionist.

Doug Butler PhD, CJF, FWCF is the author of the farrier textbook Principles of Horseshoeing III. He runs Butler Professional Farrier School in Crawford, Nebraska and is a noted speaker and consultant. Dr. Butler has studied laminitis and its effects on horses' hooves throughout his career and is a staunch advocate for proper use of the heart bar shoe.