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New Thorowgood T6 6-Way Stirrup Irons

Horse Tack - English Stirrups

New Thorowgood T6 6-Way Stirrup Irons are safety Stirrups with 6 Way Ultimate Movement System that can move in any direction. Extremely smooth technology offers forward, backward and side to side movement and impact resistance. This patented 6-way stirrup gives greater control and improves your position by letting you get more weight into your heels. It also reduces pressure on joints from hip to ankle whilst softening the impact on cartilage and ligaments.

The only 6-way stirrup on the market makes the Thorowgood T6 6-way Stirrup Iron the most flexible multi-way iron creating ultimate comfort for the rider as well as the horse.


Complete with rubber treads, silver-grey rubbers which blend subtly with the stainless steel, monogrammed carry-bag and a FREE pair of metal treads that help to prevent your feet from slipping.

The new Thorowgood T6 6-way stirrup irons are available in Sizes: 4", 4", 5".