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Back to Work - How to Rehabilitate or Recondition Your Horse

Horse Books

Trafalgar Square Books is pleased to announce the publication of Back to Work by Lucinda Dyer. Nursing and bringing a horse back to work after a long layoff can be tedious and frustrating, and is a time fraught with pitfalls. However, Dyer’s new book, chock full of rehabilitation advice and know-how, helps you avoid problems while keeping your spirits high as you tackle the task.

You’ll find guidance from 11 highly regarded veterinarians and professionals—all experts in reconditioning and rehabilitating horses. You’ll also read the stories of 40 amateur riders from all walks of life (some of them tantalizingly close to having achieved their competitive goals) as they come to grips with diagnosis of tendon and ligament injuries, colic surgery, or laminitis. They share their heartbreak and day-to-day struggles as they juggle career responsibilities, put aside relationships, and reorganize family life in order to devote time and energy to their horse’s convalescence. More importantly, they tell us how they overcame the odds, providing countless tips, detailed recovery timelines, and the tools and techniques that were invaluable as their horses recuperated.

In addition to these heartfelt accounts of horses’ recoveries, six riders who suffered nerve-shattering falls from horseback, broken legs, car accidents, and cancer surgery share their experiences as they regained lost confidence, conditioning, and locomotion in the saddle—proving just how strong our love for horses and riding can be when put to the ultimate test.

Like many of the women profiled in Back to Work, LUCINDA DYER rode as a child but then took a several-decade hiatus from horses before beginning to ride again in her forties. She bought her first horse at age 48 and soon after embarked on a happy voyage through the lower levels of dressage. Lucinda lives outside Nashville, Tennessee, and works as a literary publicist and freelance writer.

400 pp ∙ 8 ¼ x 9 ½ ∙ 65 b/w photos ∙ 978 1 57076 366 3 ∙ $26.95 hc