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Equine Resources International, LLC

Freedom Health, LLC, has expanded the SUCCEED® Challenge Series® to include a year-end award for members of the MidSouth Eventing and Dressage Association (MSEDA) who compete in selected horse trial events sanctioned by the organization during the 2007 competition year. Amateur members of MSEDA who use SUCCEED® Digestive Conditioning Program® are eligible to participate in the program, which will award $2,500 in total prize money at the MSEDA annual meeting in February 2008.

“We have worked with Freedom Health to develop a program that benefits amateur eventing riders who typically receive little or no prize money” said Alicia Prister, product manager of Brumfield Hay and Grain. “This is a great way for Freedom Health to educate owners and riders on the importance of equine digestive health while encouraging people to try SUCCEED in order to experience its results for themselves.”

SUCCEED purchases made through Brumfield Hay and Grain are automatically entered into a database of eligible entries. Owners who purchase SUCCEED at other retailers and would like to participate in the program need to fill out an entry form with a copy of their receipt and a $5.00 processing fee. For full rules and eligibility requirements, visit

SUCCEED is a scientifically formulated functional feed™ that supports the structure and function of the equine digestive system—the fuel line for every other system in the horse’s body. In the high-energy sport of eventing, horses need to be in peak physical condition to be competitive. In addition to conditioning and training, digestive health plays a key role in stamina, strength and other qualities required to excel in this demanding discipline. With SUCCEED helping to maintain optimal digestive health, riders may see improvements in performance and overall well-being that lead to better results in competition.

“Digestive health is especially critical for horses with active competition schedules—these horses are more likely to suffer from digestive issues than horses that rarely leave their home barn,” said Patrick Warczak, Vice President – Marketing at Freedom Health. “Our partnership with MSEDA is a great opportunity to showcase the results our customers experience with SUCCEED over the course of the competition year instead of at a single event.”

The SUCCEED Challenge Series may be extended to other horse shows or different classes. Horse show secretaries interested in hosting this program may contact Lyndsey White at for more information.

For more information on SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program, including in-depth articles on digestive tract health and interactive presentations, visit Information may also be obtained by calling toll-free, 866-270-7939.

SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program is produced and distributed exclusively by Freedom Health, LLC, of Aurora, Ohio. This company is focused on finding, perfecting and delivering superior, innovative products that address real and significant health-related issues for animals and the people who care for them.