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Bringing up Baby by John Lyons

Horse Care Product Spotlight

The foals are coming! The foals are coming! Springtime is just around the corner and we all know what that means. Our cranky mares will soon be giving birth to beautiful new foals. As they struggle to be steady on their feet, we smile with excitement, yet at the same time, "what have I gotten myself into?"

Bringing Up Baby by John Lyons

We have your answer... Bringing Up Baby - In this award winning training guide, renowned horseman and clinician, John Lyons, gives you his proven program for developing your young horse into an accepting, reliable equine partner.

As John describes himself... I am proud to present to you a proven step-by-step program for developing your youngster into a trusting partner. In this 20-lesson workbook, you'll perform a series of ground-work exercises from teaching your youngster to turn and face you as you approach him, to loading in the trailer, to standing still for the saddle. You'll use gradual persuasion - rather than force - to build a strong foundation of trust and confidence for a lasting partnership between you and your young horse, whether his future lies in or out of the show ring.

About John Lyons

Since John first became active in the horse industry, people have remarked about John's special talents and have continually expressed an interest in learning how to use his methods. Starting with a simple idea in 1980 of helping others with their horses, John has been instrumental in changing not only an industry, but also changing the way thousands think about themselves, and the way they treat their horses. His influence has been felt in every corner of the horse world, yet to speak to him is like talking to an old friend.

In 1981, John began giving training clinics and symposiums full time. His talents with teaching people and handling horses are only surpassed by his love of the horse. To watch John work with a horse in such a quiet, simple yet profound way is, simply put, astonishing. His ability to constantly improve his training techniques seems never ending and is amazing to others. John says his greatest reward comes from those he helps to attain their training goals with their horses.

John's procedures were in such demand that he started a "Certification Program" in 1993. The Program was designed to teach John's conditioned-response training methods in greater depth to people seeking more knowledge and understanding in the equine field. In this much sought after program, students take two horses through twelve weeks of intense schooling, where they not only learn this incredible training method, but develop leadership skills and develop personal strengths to form their own training techniques. John's son Josh, who has made a name for himself and become a reputable clinician in his own right in the horse industry, now teaches and monitors their training as a group and on a one-on-one basis.

John and his wife Jody, live in Parachute, CO. Together they have seven children and eight grandchildren, with two more on the way. Their family includes Tammy Jo and her husband, Jason Lewis, and son Tanner. Sandy and her husband, Jason Nickal, have three children and are expecting their fourth soon. Bo is their oldest son, and Jordan and Lexie - the girls. Josh and Jana have two boys, Austin and Johnny. Brandi and Joe DeVoto bring along two daughters, Hope and Daisy and are expecting their third child pretty soon. John and Jody have two children at home in Colorado, Mike, who turned 12 this year, and Katie who will soon be 10. John feels very blessed that he has had the opportunity to have such a great group of children and a wonderful family. John, Jody and their families are looking forward to the future and sharing their lives together.