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Sheridan Creek Tack Brings Immunall Herbal Products to American Equine Industry

Sheridan Creek Tack

Does your performance horse seem a bit sluggish or not quite at his peak? Is he susceptible to every little “bug” going around the barn? Is it hard to get your mare pregnant or is your stallions motility low? When your horse’s immune system is out of balance, all kinds of physical problems can occur. The owners of Sheridan Creek Tack had similar problems with their performance horses until they discovered Immunall, an all-natural product produced in the United Kingdom that’s made of seven medicinal herbs, which can be used for horses, humans and other animals. The herbs used relate to imroving the horse’s over-all vitality, purifies the system and helps boost the immune system. Immunall also helps reduce stress and low energy levels in performance horses. Some of the herbs used in Immunall are Russian ginseng and garlic for improved digestion and general condition, and purple coneflower and cats claw to improve resistance to infections and speed recovery time. Also, though official studies haven’t been conducted, Immunall users have reported positive results for horses with Cushings Disease.

Leading trainers throughout the United Kingdom who have used Immunall have seen dramatic improvements in their performance horses. Renowned Irish steeplechase and racehorse trainer, Jessica Harrington, who has over ninety horses in training at her Commonstown Stables in Ireland uses Immunall for all her horses and has seen tremendous results. Harrington is one of the leading trainers in her field.

This product is also highly recommended by Veterinary Physiotherapist John Warwick, one of the UK's top specialists and the Chairman of the National Veterinarian Physiotherapist Association. With such an impressive UK performance record, Sheridan Creek Tack feels that once US horsemen learn about Immunall, it will rapidly become a staple in racing, performance and distance riding stables across the nation. For complete information on Immunall products please visit the company’s website at

Sheridan Creek Tack is a new, on-line tack store specifically dedicated to offering unique holistic, natural and environmentally friendly products for horses and stables. All of the products offered are field-tested on the shop owners’ personal horses. They are excited about bringing Immunall to the US equine industry.

For more information about this product, or any of their other herbal products, please visit Sheridan Creek Tack’s on-line shop at