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Track Horse Health Care Needs with Pfizer Animal Health

Horse Health

Throughout the year, horses require routine health care, such as deworming, vaccinations and other veterinary services, farrier appointments and dental exams. Some horses may even receive chiropractic care or other therapies for injury or general wellness. Keeping track of all these needs, and scheduling them appropriately, can be a real challenge for owners and barn managers.

A new promotion from Pfizer Animal Health aims to help horse owners organize all of these activities in a single, easy-to-read reference. Horse owners and barn managers who purchase a six-month supply of select paste deworming products from Pfizer Animal Health will receive a reusable full-year wall calendar to track their horses’ health needs. Available at select Pfizer retailers nationwide, the calendar will be featured with a special Rotation is Key program display.

“We wanted to create a comprehensive visual reference for horse owners that would help them track the care their horses have received and plan future appointments or treatments,” said Kristin Ruff, equine products manager at Pfizer Animal Health. “This calendar provides a simple reminder for horse owners looking to consolidate a record of their horses’ health care over the course of a year.”

Customers who purchase one tube each of Equimax™ (ivermectin 1.87%/praziquantel 14.03%), Strongid® (pyrantel pamoate) Paste and Anthelcide® EQ (oxibendazole) are eligible to receive the calendar and dry-erase marker while supplies last. Designed for use year after year, this durable calendar features individual grids for all twelve months that customers can fill in with that year’s dates, deworming dates, veterinary visits, farrier appointments and other health care information. The calendar also has space for veterinarian and farrier contact information, eliminating the need to search for phone numbers to schedule routine appointments or in the case of an emergency.

Participating Pfizer retailers will also have the opportunity to help their customers keep track of their deworming program with a supply of organizer cards that can be used to create a record of dewormer purchases. By noting the type of dewormer used and the expected treatment date, these cards will provide an easy reference for customers when they return to the retailer for additional dewormer purchases.

In a rotational paste deworming program, such as one utilizing Equimax, Strongid Paste and Anthelcide EQ, it is recommended that horse owners treat their horses once every two months. It is important to rotate between these products—each is a member of a different chemical class—to avoid the development of drug-resistant parasites. For horses on a daily deworming program utilizing a top-dressed pyrantel tartrate, such as Strongid® C or C 2X™, treatment with Equimax—the only ivermectin/praziquantel approved for use in pregnant mares and foals four weeks of age and older—is recommended in the fall and spring to control bots and equine tapeworms. Pfizer recommends that horse owners consult their veterinarians before beginning any deworming program. Veterinarians can also help determine the risk for tapeworm exposure, which may dictate additional Equimax treatments throughout the year.

Other events that can be recorded using the calendar include vaccinations, shoeing or hoof trim dates and fly control application. If a specific vaccination is required for a show or for travel, it’s easy to use the calendar to determine when to schedule the veterinary appointment based on the length of time needed to build immunity from the vaccination.

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