Horse Tack Review

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English Riding Supply

Microweave DX™ breeches are the most innovative new breeches in years! The DRI-LEX® inner skin ELIMINATES sweaty bottoms in our full seats. It keeps you comfortable from the inside out. DRI-LEX® is a miracle fabric. It is a two layer fabric with moisture repelling yarns on the underside that do not absorb sweat. The yarns transport it to the upper layer, which absorbs the sweat and allows it to evaporate.

Our test riders are over the moon as to how well they work. Riders have told us that this is the first time they have ever been comfortable in a full seat breech! But the story does not end with the DRI-LEX® inner skin. The Microweave™ fabric is a microfiber fabric woven, not knit, into a figure enhancing profile. They look amazing on.

But we are still not done, our PERFECT FORM pull-on is a pull on for adults. Not flimsy or tight but figure enhancing and ultra comfortable.

Wait, if you are still not convinced, we offer two totally sensational seat materials on our full seats in addition to our regular Clarino fabric. The GENUINE LEATHER full seat is awesome. It is English made leather of the highest quality. It washes well and looks magnificent. The price is more than attractive. It is a REAL DEAL for riders. You can pay twice as much and not get a breech with leather as good as these. Then our STICKY BOTTOMS are so sticky that one rider said, thank goodness my belt was tightened, otherwise I would have posted right out of them. Our testers tell us that this technically advanced fabric is ultra sticky AND ultra comfortable. Something not found in other sticky breeches. Tiana Coudrey, #1 Junior Eventer in the US, tells us that she will NEVER wear anything but our Sticky Bottoms.

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