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James Warson, MD, with Ami Hendrickson

Trafalgar Square Books is pleased to announce the publication of The Rider’s Pain-Free Back by Dr. James Warson. Over 90 percent of the US population seeks help for back pain at one point or another during the course of their life. If you’re a horseperson, back pain is of particular concern since everything you do on and around horses demands a supple, strong, healthy back: from riding itself, to grooming, tacking-up, stacking hay bales, or pushing a wheelbarrow.

Now, in his unique, easygoing style, Dr. Warson — a neurosurgeon who also happens to be a lifelong horseman — provides all the practical information you need to understand the diagnosis and treatment of back pain, whether caused by equestrian pursuits, outside activities, illness, or heredity. More importantly, he shows readers how to prevent back problems before they have a chance to unseat you. Find out how a saddle should fit and be properly stabilized in order to minimize your back’s workload as you move in time with your horse. Examine the myriad ways different riding disciplines impose stress on the human body, with tailored information for riders from all disciplines. And help your back survive in the saddle and in the stable with a variety of traditional and alternative treatments and therapies.

In addition, step-by-step instructions and photo series for 18 stretches and exercises provide a do-it-yourself physical therapy plan for those already dealing with back pain and, more importantly, help improve rider flexibility and strength to prevent the onset of a problem.

DR. JIM WARSON began neurosurgery practice in Lexington, Kentucky in 1974. He relocated to Fort Collins, Colorado, where he founded Front Range Brain and Spine Surgery in 1978. He devoted the majority of his practice to spine surgery (performing over 5,000 procedures during his career) and equine-related spinal injuries were Dr. Warson’s field of expertise. In 1984, Dr. Warson established J & J Farms, where he bred, trained, exhibited, and sold multiple Grand National and World Champion Morgan horses. In 2003, J & J Farms transferred to its current location in Kamuela, Hawaii. AMI HENDRICKSON is an author and screenwriter in Southwestern Michigan.

184 pp ∙ 8 ½ x 9 ∙ 147 color photos, 12 color illustrations ∙ 978 1 57076 366 3 ∙ $26.95 hc