Horse Tack Review

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Professionalís Choice continues to reinforce its reputation as the leader in equine leg care with a new line of protective boots sized especially for larger sport horses. Professional's choice invented the very concept of equine leg care and their sports medicine boots have been the undisputed leader since they came on the market. Until recently Professional's Choice has aligned its marketing emphasis mostly with the western disciplines, and is the market leader. However, many influential riders in the English disciplines have requested boots for their respective sports recognizing that Professional's Choice would be the logical choice to provide protection for their horses.

To this end, Professional's Choice researched and developed a special Leather Protection Boot and an extra large size of their famous SMB Elites and Ballistic Bell Boots. These products were introduced at the FEI Rolex World Cup where demand was so high that stocks of these boots completely sold out and had to be drop shipped to customers after the show. Since their release Professional's Choice has been elated by the overwhelming response and requests for these products.

Professional's Choice has long promoted the importance of booting performance horses to protect them from injuries, not only from exterior hazards, but to also give support and prevent suspensory damage from hyperextension of the fetlock. This becomes especially important for horses that are trail or endurance riding, jumping or schooling through the levels of dressage.

The Leather Protection Boot is ideal for training in the English disciplines as it is unrestricting and extremely easy to put on. The leather exterior protects the vulnerable portion of the leg from interference, while the fleece lining makes it very comfortable for the horse.

Ballistic Bell Boots in new sizes up to 3XL are a staple in the training arena as they protect from the nicks and abrasions caused by overreaching. Their tough Ballistic nylon exterior make them long lasting and they have a special feature to keep them from turning.

And, coming soon is the XL SMB Elite, contoured to ensure a perfect, glove-like fit and keep dirt out. This boot is lightweight and multi-layered with an exclusive limestone based neoprene exterior and Ultrashock lining and provides 360 degrees of protection. Plus, the uniquely designed suspensory strap stretches upon each impact of the hoof, allowing full ankle movement and helps to eliminate hyperextension of the fetlock.

Itís no wonder that top professionals in the English arena, such as Steffen Peters, Catherine Haddad, Rudolf Zeilinger and Andreas Helgstrand all rely on Professional's Choice boots to protect their horses.

Look for more Professionalís Choice products ( as they continue to be unveiled in the dressage, combined training and hunter/jumper markets later this year.

ďLeading the industry for the first 30 years was just the beginning.Ē To locate an authorized Professional's Choice dealer near you, call 800-331-9421 or visit their website at