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In an exciting new title from Trafalgar Square Books, ThinLine Saddle Pads® are not only recommended within the text, but included on the back cover as an Rx Prescription. The Rider’s Pain Free Back—Overcome Chronic Soreness, Injury, and Aging, and Stay in the Saddle for Years to Come By James Warson, M.D. with Ami Hendrickson offers insight and practical information on back pain, whether caused by equestrian pursuits, outside activities, illness or heredity.

Riders will find that the author, a neurosurgeon and lifelong horseman, truly understands how it feels in the saddle. This is not another textbook, but rather a useful guide to really making a difference in your riding. Even if you don’t have back pain, this book offers a lot of useful ideas for improving your riding. Dr. Warson also focuses on preventing back pain, which is very important to the people behind ThinLine Inc.

ThinLine Saddle Pad® improve the fit and stability of the saddle. The pads also minimize the workload of both horse and rider. This reduction in movement allows riders to move in time with their horse. The result is that riders are able to reduce the stress to both soft tissues and bony structures that are an inevitable consequence of riding. As a spinal surgeon, Dr. Warson impresses upon the reader the importance of exceptional shock absorption and reduction of movement of the lower back, not only to help repair back problems, but keep riders healthy so they can stay in the saddle for years to come. The back cover states, “Increase your stability and comfort with ThinLine Saddle Pads®.”

This is not the first time that ThinLine Saddle Pads® have been recommended in print. In Geoff Teall on Riding Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation hunter trainer extraordinaire Geoff Teall says: “…I use a pad made by ThinLine. These are very thin and dense, and designed to absorb the most shock possible. They offer my horse’s back a great deal of protection without a lot of extra bulk.”

Elaine Lockhead, owner of ThinLine Inc., explains: “A lot of riders believe that our pads are great for horses with back problems, which they are. However, we’ve found the shock absorption is very effective for preventing back problems in riders and horses. It’s wonderful to have experts like Dr. Warson and Mr. Teall confirm this.”

ThinLine Saddle Pads are available in two thicknesses; Original ThinLine® is ¼” inch thick and Ultra ThinLine® is 3/16” thick. This open cell foam technology with superior shock absorbing qualities delivers 95% shock absorption and eliminates pressure points. ThinLine® is 100% breathable, ensuring that heat isn’t trapped underneath the saddle. Riders as diverse as dressage Olympic medalist Steffen Peters and Mike McEntire, NRHA Reiner with earnings of more than a half-million dollars, use the pads, which are available in a wide variety of shapes and styles. To learn more about ThinLine Saddle Pads® visit

About ThinLine Inc.

Based in Durham, North Carolina, ThinLine Inc. strives to produce products for every sport, every horse and every rider. Utilizing high tech materials and quality manufacturing, ThinLine is recognized worldwide for its saddle pads and other equine products. ThinLine is endorsed by dozens of world-class riders in a variety of sports, from show jumping to reining, hunters to eventers, dressage to equitation.