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Draper Brings "Smart" Fabric to Equine Market

Horse and Rider Products

The Draper Knitting Company is expanding its offerings and reaching out to new customers with a set of therapeutic horse and rider products featuring the innovative textile Holofiber®. First made available to the public in January 2003, Holofiber® has been clinically proven to increase and improve circulation and blood oxygenation in the body, to build strength and to deliver dramatic therapeutic benefits including relief from soreness, stiffness and swelling, increased energy, and accelerated muscle recovery after exertion. When worn, products made with Holofiber® combine external ambient light converted into energy and absorbed body energy to produce dramatic bodily results.

Originally used to treat humans suffering from diabetic neuropathy and atherosclerosis (i.e., loss of sensation and a hardening of the arteries which results in diminished blood flow and other problems), Holofiber® is now being used to treat animals with similar issues.

The idea for adapting the benefits of this proven "wonder fabric” to horses was devised by Kristin Draper of the Draper Knitting Company, a family-owned textile company in Canton, MA that has been leading the industry for over 100 years.

"Draper started working with Holofiber® early on,” Draper explains, "and when we saw what it could do for humans, we decided to take it to the equine market.”

This line of products has been carefully crafted to simultaneously fit the needs of horse and rider. Products for horses include: English and Western Saddle Pads ($149), Halter Covers ($25/set), Stable Blankets and Coolers ($199), Quarter Sheets ($149), Recovery and Pillow Recovery Wraps ($49/pair), and Polo Wraps ($33.50 - $43/pair). Products for riders include: Fitted T-Shirts ($35), Paddock Socks ($20), Sport Socks ($13), Spectator Blankets ($39), Ankle/Wrist Support Sleeves ($15), Elbow/Arm Support Sleeves ($15), Knee Sleeves ($15), and Wrist Bands ($8/pair).

The Draper Knitting Company also recently debuted its exclusive line of therapeutic dog products called Draper Canine Therapy, which features dog beds and jackets.

"I am proud to put the Draper name on both of these lines of products," Draper says.

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