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Equinimity Introduces The Ultimate Hoofpick

Horse Tack - Grooming Tools

A Colorado horse trainer has come up with a new angle on the oldest of tools. Frustrated for years by every hoofpick she tried, Christy Jemail of Louisville, CO decided to invent her own. The result is called The Ultimate Hoofpick, and it's superior three ways: it has a truly ergonomic, grippy handle; the steel is an unbendable 40 mm thick; and the precise angle of the pick itself is patent-pending and superbly effective. These attributes make removing even dried mud with the consistency of concrete a snap, hence the bright yellow and black Jackhammer theme.

The determination to create a better tool began nearly 15 years ago when horse trainer/inventor Jemail found herself grumbling out loud "Why can't anyone make a decent hoofpick?" Not sure where to start, she asked professional farriers what they used and discovered that they did not use commercial hoofpicks, they all made their own. Convinced that if she wanted a better hoofpick she too would have to make it herself, she began examining her needs. Encouraged by her clients and increasingly irritated by every commercial hoofpick she tried, Jemail worked through several different designs, and, after years of work and much trial and error, The Ultimate Hoofpick was born. Her clients were so excited about it that they encouraged her to market her invention.

Jemail is especially pleased that this is a real tool with a solid, strong feeling in your hand. Her confidence in its quality is reflected in the lifetime replacement guarantee. "If it ever bends or breaks, we'll replace it, no questions asked."

Cases of the Ultimate Hoofpick were placed into test barns to gather reviews, to better market it to retail buyers. All sold out quickly at full retail. One early customer / tester wrote "This is the best hoof pick I have ever seen or used. No more bent picks and now I can actually get in there and get out the concrete from Sierra's hooves. No more screwdrivers. No more grunting as I clean out her feet. Yee-haw! I hope you are ready, because once this gets around a little, you will be swamped with orders."

MSRP for The Ultimate Hoofpick is $16.95, and it carries a lifetime replacement guarantee. See for a list of fine retailers who carry it, or to order online. Or, you may call 303-666-6364.

About Equinimity

Originally the name of Christy's training business, Equinimity forges the word "equine" and "equanimity" to convey a sense of peaceful training, in line with Christy's belief in natural horsemanship. With the launch of The Ultimate Hoofpick, Equinimity is emerging as a manufacturing company as well, offering products that make interactions with equines more peaceful... even if it's solving a simple but irritating problem like poorly made hoofpicks. Christy has more inventions in the works, so keep an eye out for new offerings from Equinimity in the near future. Visit for more information.