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The United States Equestrian Federation

The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) announces a multi-year partnership with EquiFit, Inc, as the “Official Performance Horse Boot and Leg Wear of the USEF” which began with their sponsorship at the CN North American Junior and Young Riders Championship (NAJYRC) presented by Gotham North and UlcerGard. Known for their innovative approach to horse care, EquiFit focuses on giving riders and their horses the most competitive edge by using state-of-the-art materials in their products, which are designed by a leading orthopedic team to help horses and riders perform at their best.

“The USEF is pleased to have a new partnership with an innovative company like EquiFit, which specializes in designing leg wear which protects and supports our equine athletes while they are performing,” said USEF Chief Executive Officer John Long. “In addition, to have the support of EquiFit with the NAJYRC, which is one of the premiere events for young riders, extends their commitment to the equine sport.”

EquiFit offers several models of easy-to-use and durable protective leg wear. EquiFit has created a variety of protective leg wear, including a special boot called the T-Boot Series, which was designed by orthopedists and is filled with a revolutionary pressure relieving material called T-foam that conforms to the horse’s body and provides maximum support. In addition, another one of EquiFit’s newest and fastest-growing products is the T-Sport Wrap™. The breathable foam-lined wraps are considered to be superior to synthetic polo wraps on the market today because they provide maximum support and compression while also being slip-free.

EquiFit’s sponsorship began with this year’s CN North American Junior and Young Riders’ Championships (NAJYRC) presented by Gotham North and UlcerGard at the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, VA July 31-August 5. This prestigious championship featured the best young riders, ages 14-21, from the United States, Bermuda, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands, vying for titles in the Olympic disciplines of dressage, show jumping and eventing. The 2008 NAJYRC will take place at the Colorado Horse Park in Parker, CO July 29-August 3, 2008.

“We are thrilled to be partnered with the USEF,” said EquiFit President Alexandra Cherubini. “While we may be known more in the hunter/jumper world, our boots are truly designed for any horse, no matter what their discipline. Working with the USEF is a huge opportunity to reach a broader market of equestrians, and we want to provide our superior leg protection for everyone.”

Equifit’s products can be used by anyone in a wide array of equestrian disciplines.

For more information on T-Boots, T-Sport Wrap™ or to purchase any EquiFit, Inc. products, please visit or call 1-877-4-EQUIFIT.

For more information, please contact Scott Carling, Associate Executive Director of Marketing at (859) 225-6928 or via email at