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Horse Treats and Toys

Lisa Ross Williams, creator of both the "If Your Horse Could Talk" webcast available on her unique holistic horse care website, and Equi-Spirit Toys and Tools™ for horses introduces new ball designs to their unique product line.

The first is a 40" equine soccer ball, available in red and white or black and red. "With such a surge of interest in the equine soccer games, we knew this great soccer ball design would be would be a hit," says Equi-Spirit creator, Lisa Ross-Williams.

Next is the 40" Smiley Face, a bright yellow ball with a whimsical feel. "We feature a breathtaking video with a black Friesian stallion playing with his bright yellow ball on the toys page of our website", Lisa explains. "The contrast and exuberance of the stallion and his ball is incredible."

Finally, they offer the 40" Patriotic ball in red, white and blue for those who want to show their pride in the American way.

Made with a heavy duty inner bladder which is then covered by a tough fabric cover, the Equi-Spirit specialty design balls are big, beautiful, weather resistant and provide your equine partner play all day. This design allows them to hold up to the most rambunctious horses and stimulating training tasks.

These new designs as well as our rainbow balls can be used for free-play which encourages exercise and stimulates the horse's minds as well as their bodies. They can also be used for mounted games including equine soccer, a growing equine trend. It's been proven that horses do not get bored with the Equi-Spirit Toys and Tools™ as they sometimes do with other toys.

Equi-Spirit toys are currently used by a number of clinicians at their demonstrations and events as well as Mounted Sheriff Units for training. David Lichman, a 5-Star Parelli instructor, uses his Equi-Spirit ball for this purpose. The complete line of toys and tools, including the extra durable balls can also be used by teachers and trainers, individual horse owners and care-givers to keep horses exercised and amused.

"We believe very strongly in the importance of play in a horse's emotional and physical well being," Says Equi-Spirit creator, Lisa Ross-Williams. "But our horses were literally going through various balls in a matter of a few minutes. Our horse Riley seemed on mission to pop whatever inflated toy he could, either by biting them or laying on them," says Lisa. "We became committed to finding a horse play ball that could hold up, but there were none on the market that could offer any durability. So we located a raw material supplier, and created Equi-Spirit. We found other people were having the same durability issues, so it was a hit!"

Equi-Spirit toys and tools have been on the market for about two years and are currently available for purchase through Lisa Ross-Williams unique holistic horse care website, The toys and tools are quite affordable.

The Equi-Spirit balls are available in a variety of sizes from 24" for little and timid horses, all the way up to 70" for the BIG horses.

The Rainbow Rigid Plastic Cones (set of six) are 18-inch high play cones, which are sturdy, colorful, versatile and tough enough to last.

Equi-Spirit Rainbow Tetherball. Durable weather-resistant rubber construction which includes 8' rope. Can be tied and hung from above for exciting play or rope removed and used as a ground play ball

Equi-Spirit Catch Ball. A safe, soft, durable, air-filled rubber ball with colored spikes that's easy to grab and throw, 12" diameter.

Lisa is a veteran in the holistic horse care arena. In addition to creating Equi-Spirit toys and tools, Lisa has launched website and hosts "If Your Horse Could Talk" webcast, and is a Pro-On-Call for

For further information about Equi-Spirit balls and toys, please call Lisa Ross-Williams at 480-671-4896 or visit