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The Magician Curry Wash

Horse Grooming Products

Permirus Pets LLC has introduced The Magician Curry Wash, a tool for bathing dogs, horses, and other animals in less time than conventional bathing. The Magician Curry Wash attaches to a standard garden hose. It comes with three different rubber tooth curry heads for different types of coats. There is a reservoir for any type of shampoo. Once attached to the hose, there is a dial in the center that can be turned to suds or rinse. With the dial initially set to suds, there is no need to wet the coat down prior to shampooing, which can save time and water.

Use a circular motion while bathing the animal, immediately loosens dead skin, loose hair and dirt, and shampoo is evenly distributed in the coat and is easily rinsed out.

Contact Permirus Pets; 5455 Armour Drive, Somerville, TN 38068; 901/871-5168;