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Build Complete Confidence with Horses by Kelly Marks

Horse Books

Trafalgar Square Books is pleased to announce the publication of Build Complete Confidence with Horses by Kelly Marks. Are you a novice rider who still gets nervous before riding lessons? Or are you a top competitor battling a chronic case of “the butterflies” before important classes? Are you recovering your confidence after a frightening accident? Or are you simply working up the nerve to hold your daughter’s pony while she fastens her riding helmet? However basic or ambitious your goals Kelly Marks’ delightful book on overcoming the doubts, fears, and insecurities you might experience on and around horses holds the answers you need, not only to get the best from your horse, but to get the best from yourself.

Kelly, author of the best-selling Teach Your Horse Perfect Manners, shares a treasure trove of tricks and techniques to develop a more relaxed, intelligent, and fun way of being with horses. You will complete a personal risk analysis to find out just how safe your riding experiences are; determine what it is you really want out of your involvement with horses; find out how to buy the right horse and what to do if you’ve bought the wrong one; understand the important role the perfect instructor can play in your life; discover tips for responsibly (and bravely) parenting horse-crazy children; overcome fear and doubt and recover from traumatic riding accidents, and more.

With Kelly’s fun, positive coaching, you’ll discover the key things you need to know to prevent confidence slumps. Learn to pick yourself up and achieve peak performance in seconds, no matter how low you might feel. And find out who you need to get help from the most, and how to find them. Before you know it, you’ll determine who you have to be to achieve your equestrian dreams, and you’ll have the tools to make them reality.

KELLY MARKS, a former champion jockey and show jumper, now makes helping horses and people understand one another her full-time occupation. She is the originator of the Monty Roberts Educational Courses worldwide and the founder of “Intelligent Horsemanship,” an organization dedicated to promoting the understanding and fair treatment of horses. Kelly travels the world demonstrating her methods and is also the author of the best-selling Teach Your Horse Perfect Manners and Become Perfect Partners.

224 pp ∙ 7 ½ x 9 ∙ 100 color photos ∙ 978 1 57076 373 1 ∙ $29.95 hc