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Professional's Choice Releases Norfields Magnetic Therapy Products!

Horse Tack

Professional’s Choice Sports Medicine Products and Norfields Magnetic Therapy products have joined forces to raise the bar for equine health and soundness. Norfields will bring its patented, clinically proven, magnetic therapy benefits to Professional Choice’s Sports Medicine Products.

The Norfields line includes an array of products which use bipolar magnets to promote circulation and speed recovery from joint and muscular injuries. Scientific studies have shown Norfields Magnetic Therapy increases circulation and cuts recovery time from soft tissue, bone and joint injuries while aiding in the relief of pain and soreness, as well as the stiffness associated with arthritic conditions.

Sportsmen from all disciplines have relied on magnetic therapy to aid in the rehabilitation of their equine partners after injury, to sooth soreness after hard workouts, and to warm up before competition. Norfields’ successfully proven sports therapy products have been worn by the likes of Eclipse Champions, World Cup and Breeder’s Cup competitors, Olympic Contenders, and champions of all known breeds and disciplines.

Joanne Humphrey Nor, president and founder of Norfields Magnetics, had this to say,

“We always wanted to expand distribution of our products to be able to reach all breeds and disciplines from back yard pets to Olympic level horses to benefit what ails them in soundness without the use of drugs.

Some animals cannot take the side effects of anti-inflammatories on their stomachs (creating other problems), but now those horses may enjoy the benefits of Magnetic Therapy with the large distribution network Professional’s Choice has offered us.

I am hopeful the addition of magnetic therapy will just be the “tip of the iceberg” in bringing alternative, holistic and nutritional health care to the horse through Professional’s Choice.”

Professional's Choice has just released a variety of Norfields Magnetic Therapy leg care products and plans to expand the line to include products to treat every aspect of the horse. The Magnetic HockWrap, KneeWrap, Shin & TendonWrap, and Magnetic Bell Boots are available in tack stores now.

Technical and application information about the individual products can be found on the Professional's Choice website at

“The more comfortable the horse, the better the performance.”

To locate an authorized Professional's Choice dealer near you, call 800-331-9421 or visit their website at

As inventor and manufacturer of the original patented Sports Medicine Boot, the SMB Elite™ and the SMx Air Ride™ Saddle Pad, Professional's Choice continually produces high quality products recognized by top trainers, professionals and everyday horseman alike.