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Horse Health and Nutrition

Authored and narrated by Kathryn Watts, the Power Point lecture on CD entitled "Soil Minerals: The Basis of Nutrition" is getting rave reviews from experts in equine health and hoof care. The science behind Mineral Nutrition in grass and hay is presented in an interesting, entertaining hour long format, using plain language and analogies that anyone can understand. This CD provides essential information for horse owners and veterinarians dealing with such issues as dull coats, poor hoof texture, sub-optimal performance, slow metabolism, weak immune system, weak bones and growth abnormalities in young stock. “You may prevent or resolve these conditions in horses by properly addressing mineral deficiency. This CD Lecture will give you a new basis for understanding for your horse's nutritional needs", says Kathryn.

With a unique perspective blending soil science and nutrition, this narrated PowerPoint lecture is beneficial to anyone needing to optimize the health of animals that graze or eat hay. You'll discover how your regional climate and soil type affects the availability of specific minerals, plus how you may be able to maximize your horse's nutrition through use of fertilizer or other soil amendments. When that is not possible, learn how you can supplement your horses to prevent mineral deficiency. Understand how minerals interact with one another to exacerbate or create mineral deficiency. Gain knowledge of mineral deficiency symptoms. Get pro-active to prevent health issues caused by mineral deficiency.

As a professional agricultural contract researcher, consultant and driving force behind Rocky Mountain Research & Consulting in Center, CO, Kathryn Watts is in a unique position to understand and conduct studies on forage. Her reviewed research has been published in Clinical Techniques in Equine Practice and Journal of Equine Veterinary Science among others and her lectures are lauded by many, including hoofcare expert Pete Ramey who says "If you ever get the chance to hear her in person, do not pass it up! The tools she can add to your bag of tricks are unbelievable."

Soil Minerals: The Basis of Nutrition is available for $25, visit for more information or to order.