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Longeing the Rider for a Perfect Seat

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Trafalgar Square Books is pleased to announce the publication of Longeing the Rider for a Perfect Seat by Linda Benedik. History has proven that riding on the longe line doesn’t just promise, it guarantees more direct riding skill advancement. It maximizes learning, shaving off months—possibly years—of struggle and frustration, and develops the sensitivities of the rider while preserving those of the horse. Now, for the first time in book form, this step-by-step guide to both longeing others and being longed unveils the secrets behind the most beautiful—and functional—riding in the world. By combining traditional mounted exercises with yoga, conscious breath work, and hands-on bodywork, Linda Benedik’s unique rider-longeing program, Riding Without Reins, helps the rider create a personal balance that leads to a deeper connection with the horse while at the same time developing a stable, correct, elegant, independent seat—every rider’s goal.

Riders, instructors, and longeurs will learn the nuts-and-bolts of rider longeing, including how to choose a longe horse and outfit him correctly; cue him with stance and longe whip, and be safe about it; structure a rider-longeing session at various stages of seat development; and maximize learning and rider recall while avoiding common pitfalls like physical exhaustion and over-facing. Plus, you’ll find a special section on equestrian vaulting!

Riding on the longe line offers a safe, controlled learning environment that enables beginners to relax and develop a feel for the gaits and provides the ideal venue for experienced riders to perfect their position, fine-tune their aids, and identify gaps in their riding education. Simply put, on the longe line, all riders can achieve their riding goals—whatever they may be—in far less time, while conscientiously preserving the well-being of the horse.

LINDA BENEDIK is an internationally known equestrian author, clinician, trainer, and riding instructor. She is the author of the acclaimed book, Yoga for Equestrians, as well as the two-part instructional video series, Yoga & Riding, both from Trafalgar Square. She resides on California’s Gold Coast in San Buenaventura where she freelances as a private equestrian trainer for an exclusive clientele in the Los Angeles region.

248 pp ∙ 8 ¼ x 10 ¼ ∙ 210 color photos, 28 illustrations ∙ 978 1 57076 384 7 ∙ $29.95 pb

To order contact: Trafalgar Square Books, 388 Howe Hill Road, N. Pomfret, VT 05053 800.423.4525 ∙