Horse Tack Review

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Stocking Stuffers for Horse Lovers

Gifts for Horse Lovers

What do you get that horse lover for Christmas? How about a little Shiny Hiny and Sham-Pony, the ultimate in pony glam! But donít get the wrong idea, itís good for all ďponiesĒ from minnies to draft size and of course it can be used on your favorite K-9 Pooch. Put Shiny Hiny, Sham- Pony, a body scrubber and more together forÖ.

The Pony Pack Gift Bag, the Perfect Gift!

Aloe Advantage has been known for years for their quality, awarding winning line of Aloe Vera based wound care products but they have taken a walk on the wild side with a fun and whimsical line of grooming items thats all about having a little fun while getting a dirty job done! The product and packaging is absolutely outrageous and will be loved by all from age 4 to 104!

Sham-Pony is a hot pink body wash with a bubblicious watermelon aroma. Itís formulated in a soap and detergent free base made with all natural ingredients. Itís fortified with Aloe Vera to soothe dry skin. Get the bubbles flowing with Sham-Pony for a spa-perfect look!

Shiny Hiny Body Sheen provides a long lasting effect to help keep your pony's coat shiny and shimmering clean longer plus keeps the mane and tail tangle free. Itís environmentally safe and fortified with Aloe Vera to moisturize and soothe dry areas. The amount of product used is directly related to the size of your pony's "Hiny".

Be sure to ask your favorite equine outlet for the holiday Pony Pack Gift Bag by Aloe Advantage! Itís a sure pick to please your favorite horse lover.

Be sure to go to to check out the unique Aloe Advantage 3 Step Wound Care System, it is everything you need in a bag to make wound care as easy as 1-2-3-Healed. Keep an eye out for the upcoming line of Lemon Grass grooming products with their bold and sexy all natural formulas.

Merry Christmas to All!