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Shine Sprays for Horses - Part II

Horse Tack Review Staff

When we last left off with our review of shine products, we found one shine spray that was too over-the-top, one that was just mediocre and one that while great in terms of outward shine, left our horse’s white bellies covered in dust. Therefore, the search continued to find our favorite shine spray for our horses!

First off, Farnam’s Laser Sheen, priced at $12.99. This product is listed as, “Farnam's famous conditioner in a spray bottle. Instant highlights emphasize and define conformation. Manes and tails become soft, shiny, never oily or sticky. Gentle enough for sensitive skin,” Our initial test for Farnam’s Laser Sheen was to immediately saddle up, as if we were entering a show ring. Unfortunately, while this product was sufficiently shiny, our horse’s coats were instantly covered in dust and our saddles and girths incredibly slippery. For us reviewers, the dust element for the Halter class combined with slippage while riding just didn’t meet the bar.

Next on the list, Mane & Tail Shine-On, also priced at $12.99. Mane & Tail Shine-On is listed as, “an exclusive formula designed to provide your horse's mane and tail with instant high-gloss shine that lasts. Shine-On is a pH balanced formula that repels dust and provides long lasting prevention of coat stains.” After the application of this product, our Paint’s coats appeared sticky and splotchy in areas, as well as leaving the mane and tail looking rather gummy. Obviously not the results we were looking to achieve.

Progressing down the list to a fan-favorite, we find Pepi Coat Conditioner. Pepi Coat Conditioner is advertised as, “Professionally endorsed, easy-to-use spray coat conditioner. Extra-gentle formula conditions and glosses to give a world champion look. Brings out the natural highlights and gives the coat a hearty, natural-looking shine. All natural ingredients will not dry or damage hair or irritate horse's skin”. This product is affordably priced at $7.99. While we were initially attracted to the sweet scent and immediately resultant soft coats, we were soon to discover that this product attracted quite a lot of dust and a sticky residue. Further, our younger test competitors had a difficult time determining exactly where to apply this product as ungainly oil spots result when it is sprayed too closely to the horses’ coat.

Despite the setbacks, we did manage to narrow in on a strong competitor for the ultimate show stopping shine product. In second place, affordably priced at $9.99 is Cowboy Magic Super Body Shine. Cowboy Magic Super Body Shine is listed as, “formulated to reflect a spectrum of natural light resulting in a maximum body shine under sun or show ring lights. Put on your sunglasses and prepare to smile”. Super Body Shine left our horses with shiny, smooth coats, silky tails and, no dust! More importantly, there was no saddle slippage or leftover stains the following morning. For a show stopping shine, Cowboy Magic Super Body Shine is our runner up!

And finally, after many tests, trial and tribulations our all around choice for the ultimate shine spray product was Silverado Shine. The aerosol application of this product makes it easy to apply an even coverage over the horse’s entire body. We used this product at a horseshow and it absolutely stood out from the rest in terms of application, our horse’s immediate physical appearance and ability to endure throughout the day. We applied Silverado Shine directly on our Paint horses following their baths and later that morning before the start of the classes. Silverado Shine left our horses' coats shiny and incredibly satiny and not one grease spot! Even our youngest competitors were able to apply Silverado Shine without making a mess. Silverado Shine’s aroma resembles Pepi, but smells even better! With respect to the all-important dust issue, we did not find any grease spots, sticky coats, slippery saddles or caked on dirt; even after a night of rolling. Silverado Shine is priced at $9.45 and advertised as, "an instant show highlighter & coat conditioner. UV-A & -B protection that prevents bleaching & breaking from the damaging ultra-violet rays. An environmentally safe CFC-Free aerosol." Silverado Shine was the clear winner!