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Five Fundamentals That Translate Under Saddle for a Safer Ride

Horse Training Books and Videos

The newest release of Missy Wryn’s “W”Holistic Horsemanship training DVD’s, Five Fundamentals That Translate Under Saddle for a Safer Ride completes the Starter KIT which includes a WH Rope Halter & Lead Rope, WH Training Stick & String and the first three DVD’s Clinic Highlights, Training the Whole Horse, and the Five Fundamentals.

Clinic Highlights provides the starting point with an overview and foundational understanding of Missy’s “W”Holistic Horsemanship through demonstrations of the whole horse approach with varying breeds and types of horses. You will learn the pain and fear free approach to training your horse and how problems are often physical pain issues that need to be addressed. If you missed a clinic, this DVD is as good as being there!

Training the Whole Horse is one-on-one in-depth training for the horse owner/handler teaching and applying the Four Core Concerns,“W”Holistic Joining, and the Three Foundational Requirements which make for a safer horse. In this DVD you will also learn how to use body language for effective communication while establishing leadership that the horse is genetically required to have at all times.

Five Fundamentals completes the first DVD series teaching you simple ground techniques that translate under saddle for a safer ride. Getting it good on the ground first develops your horse’s trust and confidence in you as the herd leader while teaching cues that directly relate under saddle. Your horse will better understand your leg and body cues because the Five Fundamentals directly relate from ground to saddle all with just a halter and lead rope instead of a bit and bridle.

As a bonus FREE Shipping is being offered on all DVD’s and the Starter KIT through Christmas.

Missy Wryn is a “W”Holistic Horsemanship trainer working with the whole horse. Specializing in problem and dangerous horses Missy has developed a unique, pain free, fear free and exhaustion free approach to training horses. No more running around in a round pen scaring and exhausting the horse and exhausting you. Truly a new and easier approach to understanding herd language and effective communication that your horse will honor and respect while having fun and being safer.

Visit for information about Missy, her “W”Holistic Horsemanship training program and schedule of clinics and appearances across the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. Call 866-821-0374 to schedule Missy for your event or clinic in your area, or email