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What is Your Horse Wearing this Winter?

Horse Tack - Hore Blankets

With the long, cold days of winter here, we are all bundled up when we leave the house. Especially when riding. We have our fleece riding pants, our winter boots, warmer coats, and so on. It doesn't take a thermostat to tell us when our bodies are cold or when we need another layer or two to keep warm. But what about our horses? For sure they can't come out and tell us that they are cold, or too warm for that matter.

Here at Horse Tack Review, we have come up with a few tips to help decide what the horses should be wearing. This information does not consider any sickness that a horse may have and therefore need special attention.

When the sun is shining and warm, above 60 degrees, everyone should be okay. No blankets or sheets needed.

50 - 60 degrees: A clipped horse may need a sheet, possibly even with a light liner. Non-clipped horses may want a sheet as well. Especially if the wind is a factor.

40 - 50 degrees: Clipped horses need a medium weight insulated blanket. Non-clipped horses should have at least a sheet and possibly a liner.

30 - 40 degrees: Now is when the clipped horses should be getting into their heavier blankets. The non-clipped horses are into the medium weight insulated blankets.

20 - 30 degrees: It's beginning to get a bit colder now! Clipped horses need their heavy blankets again, and now the liners should be added. Non-clipped horses need their heavy blankets as well, but liner can be optional.

20 degrees and under: Brrrrrr! Everyone needs their heavy blankets with liners. If you have polar fleece, they will love you for it!

Blanket Care: We all should be well aware how bacteria and winter blankets go hand in hand. These bacteria can lead to skin infections and irratations. Please do whatever you can to keep your horses blankets clean and dry. On warmer days, remove the blankets, turn them inside out and take a stiff brush or broom to them to get the loose dirt out. Lay them over a fence in the sun to air out and cut down on the fungi growth.