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MDC Intelligent Stirrups

MDC Corporation, makers of the MDC Intelligent Stirrups®, introduced their new line of Intelligent Stirrups. When a little bit of bling is just the thing, why not combine it with the most innovative stirrup on the market today? Taking the MDC Sterling Silver Stirrups to a new level, their artists created three beautiful patterns of MDC Designer Stirrups.

The MDC Intelligent Stirrup® is a revolutionary stirrup design that offers any of three preset stirrup positions: traditional, 45 degrees or 90 degrees. The preset angles are designed to improve leg, calf and foot position, relieve pressure on hips, back, knees and ankles. MDC’s new Designer Stirrup adds just a touch of bling to the innovative stirrup combining form and function.

The snappy looking new stirrups retain the extensive benefits that already make the MDC Intelligent Stirrup® so popular with professionals today. “I never gave my stirrups a thought until I tried the MDC Intelligent Stirrup,” said Susan Dutta, a member of 2007 USA Pan Am gold medal team and endorser of the product. “The stirrup is so comfortable and allows my leg to hang in the ideal position without tension,” Dutta added. “I have them on all my saddles now”.

With versatility being a prerequisite, the new “bling” stirrups can also be worn showing either the design or rotated to show a standard “no bling” stirrup. Fashion police would have the riders coordinate their Sterling Silver Stirrups with the beautiful MDC Designer Spurs that also offer a subtle crystal inlay. The MDC Designer Stirrups also come in both stainless steel and black finishes, complete with sterling silver overlays and a choice of several Swarovski Crystal colors to match the spurs.

And while these new MDC stirrups offers riders a way to show off their sense of style, the new Designer Stirrups offer all the benefits of the traditional MDC Intelligent Stirrup®, including the open stirrup angle, which can greatly reduce the danger of being hung up or injured. All MDC Stirrups are performance driven with the added benefit of safety. Riders like Beezie Madden, Eric Lamaze, and Margie Engle, agree the pain they experience in the ankle, knee and hip joints from the concussive effects of jumping, is significantly reduced by riding in the MDC Intelligent Stirrups. “This stirrup is simply amazing,” said Beezie Madden on the MDC website. “The MDC design makes so much sense I can’t believe stirrups weren’t created like this in the first place!”

Whether it is the MDC Ultimate stirrup featuring the Sterling Silver Horseshoe pattern on stainless steel, the MDC Comfort Stirrups featuring the Sterling Silver Floral pattern on Stainless Steel or the MDC Ultimate Stirrup on Black Powder Coating featuring the Sterling Silver Shadow Box Floral Inlay pattern, riders will be sporting the height of fashion. In the horse world where tradition reigns and change comes slowly, these beautiful stirrups are proving to be a welcome addition.

Never known for resting on their laurels, MDC Corporation is currently developing a children’s stirrup combining the MDC Intelligent Stirrup® advanced technology with a peacock safety release mechanism stirrup designed to greatly increase the overall safety of child riders. Watch these new children’s stirrups in 2008.

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