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Equilite Essences

Horse Tack - Horse Essences

Flower Essences are the way to deal with the emotional and behavioral aspects of all living beings, including horses. Equilite, Inc. has a diverse range of Equi and Pet Essences that are issue specific, NOT animal specific. You will find that there is a blend for just about anything that your animal may have to deal with. They are great to know about, safe to use and easy to work with. The New Line of Herbs N Essences has taken things a step further and actually added an herb into the blends for those horses that want their herbs.

CLEAR THINKING Helps horses that are spaced-out, unfocused, easily distracted and overwhelmed by external stimuli. Especially those that do not pay attention or are unable to concentrate for any length of time. Helps to increase memory retention while improving the horse’s capacity to learn new things.

CRIB EASE Helps to break the horse's habit of wind sucking, a habit that begins with boredom and becomes a health issue for the horse. Helps to calm the tendency towards obsessive-compulsive behavior.

FOALING FORMULA A formula to help foals adjust to the traumas of birth and to their new surroundings. Establishes and strengthens the bond between mother and newborn. Especially useful if there was a difficult birthing process.

EGO BUILDER Helps those horses that experience a lack of self-confidence and are afraid to face new situations. For the shy, timid, fearful, withdrawn, apathetic, or uncertain ones. Excellent for any animal that seems reluctant or unwilling to meet the challenges or training expected of them. (i.e., entering a ring, crossing water, jump hurdles, etc.)

GET PSYCHED For horses that are tired of doing the same thing over and over. Deals with the anxiety of being asked to do things they fret about. Builds confidence in an horse to meet their challenges at hand and is instills the desire to win. Provides additional boost of stamina to help prevent burnout.

LIGHTEN UP/TONE DOWN BLEND Deals with the willful, overly aggressive, stubborn, moody and cantankerous horse whose behavior is considered risky and dangerous. Especially effective on horses that are intent on causing harm to themselves or to other animals or people.

MAMA’S BLEND Helps the new mother adjust psychologically to her new role as a mother and caretaker while increasing the maternal bond with her new-born. Recommended use in combination with the Broodmare Blend.

MELLOW OUT BLEND Helps to calm the nervous or jittery horses who may be moody or irritable or on edge all the time. For overly anxious and anticipatory horses who tend to lose control easily. Great to use prior to competition, during thunderstorms or firework displays. Never leave home without it.

RE-CHARGE Stimulate the vital energies needed to combat exhaustion and emotional fatigue. Especially effective in helping to restore energy and revitalize the spirits after a horse race or horse show.

SETTLE IN / SHIPPER For courage to face trailering/traveling issues like loading, shipping and being in confined spaces. The rigors of travel and the emotional consequences of any move take their toll. Will assist in making the horse feel safe and secure and help release any attachments to those left behind.

WEANLING BLEND Helps to ease separation anxiety when being removed from their mother or other loved ones for the first time. Improves the adjustment period and any trauma that coincides with being in a new herd or all alone without the comfort of mom. Beneficial for both mare and foal.

WELLNESS/RECOVERY BLEND Assists in the emotional healing process, especially regarding a critical life threatening illness, accident or operation. Instills the will to live, regain stamina and consciousness and cope with hardships in life.

YEARLING/IN TRAINING BLEND Improves the horse's patience and ability to be more tolerant and accepting of those things they do not understand or tasks they do not want to do. Helps to establish a one-on-one bond with the trainer or handler and gives the horse the confidence it needs to face new situations. Increases the horse’s mental focus and responsiveness to training routines.

Available at State Line Tack.