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Ariat Cameo Half Chaps

Horse Tack Review Staff

Are you the type of rider who just does not want to be seen in the same thing twice? We’re obviously kidding here. With the price of riding apparel and horse tack, that is simply not an option. Or is it? Is it possible to change your chaps to your mood or depending on who you are riding for? YES! It is!

Ariat’s Cameo Half Chaps allow you to customize your style. Maybe your trainer allows no bling in the ring - then you would want to ride in the plain black placket or maybe the simple yet elegant bridle stitch pattern. Are you a bit on the flashy side? Go for one of the bling plackets - Galaxy or Star Studded. When hitting the trails with friends you can also take the western approach and change to the fringe placket. No matter what your mood, style or riding type, you can change the look of your chaps in a matter of seconds.

The Ariat Cameo Half Chaps are made from oiled full grain leather and feature a stretch leather back panel. Because they are unlined, they give the feeling of a second skin. The plackets are placed over the side zippers using velcro strips.

Our tester rode in the Ariat Cameo Half Chaps for a good 4 months before coming to her final conclusions. We chose this particular tester because she has issues with half chaps stretching and moving around, therefore causing her to sustain rubs on her inner calves. She was pleased not only to find the sizing available in heights and widths, but the slim that was required was not restrictive in the break-in process. The Ariat Cameo leather was well-fitting and soft. They have retained their shape rider after ride.

At $129.95, the Ariat Cameo Half Chaps are an average priced leather half chap. Their quality and comfort is second to none and you will not be disappointed. The plackets are each sold separately for $24.95.