Horse Tack Review

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Impact-Gel Western Contour Saddle Pad

Horse Tack Review

If you have been searching for a saddle pad that provides a smooth ride with more control, not to mention a pain free horse, look no further! The Impact-Gel Western Contour Saddle Pad is just the thing to relieve concussion during your ride, with the added benefit of a much lesser degree of impact to your horse’s back.

The Impact-Gel Western Contour Saddle Pad is a shaped, hand sewn, two-piece pad whose construction provides an excellent non-slip fit. The pad has large vent holes to reduce heat buildup and rigging cutouts to prevent slippage, and also helps to improve contact between the horse and rider. The pad is available in ½”, ¾” and 1” thickness and 2 sizes for all riding disciplines. A layer of ImpactGel™ is set between a ¼" top layer and a ½" bottom layer of black felt, and is available in sizes: 30" x 30" or 32" x 32". The pad retails for $139.95. Impact Gel Western Saddle Pads are available in a variety of types depending our your needs. Navajo, Barrel Racing Contour, Barrel Racing Straight-Back, Western Straight Back and the most popular, Western Contour. Impact Gel also manufacturers English Saddle Pads. Their English saddle pads include the English Contour, Half Pad, Gallop Pad or Dressage Show Pad.

Impact Gel Pads are advertised to “insure absolute optimum comfort for both horse and rider,” and we must say, we agree. The first time our tester used the pad was during a three-day show clinic. The first impression was extremely good, and thankfully, continued throughout the course of the day’s training. Approximately twelve hours of intense riding later, the pad had actually conformed to the shape of the horse's back and left no signs of what you typically find with an ill-fitting saddle. The Impact Gel Pad reduced all concussion at the jog and lope and made for a smooth, easy ride. The horses ridden in this pad showed improvements at the jog and lope, even lifting their backs easily due to the stress relief taken off of the typical pressure points.

We are happy to say that the Impact Gel Pad now has a permanent place in our tester's tack room due to its versatility. It is used for both pleasure riding and under a thin show pad for horse shows. The saddle pad has been used countless times and it continues to maintain its shape and quality of construction. We can safely say that the Impact Gel Pad is a product that lives up to the company’s guarantees and user testimonials. This is a pad that is most definitely worth its weight in gold.

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