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Horse Tack Review Welcomes Trainer Larry Trocha

Horse Tack Review Editor

Horse Tack Review is pleased to add Champion Horse Trainer Larry Trocha of Larry Trocha Training Stables to our list of site sponsors. His products, Horse Training Videos, are where you will find the easy to learn, proven techniques that are guaranteed to work! Straight from the horses, I'm sorry, the trainer's mouth...

Hi Im Larry Trocha.

Over many years working with cutting, reining and working cow horses, I've developed a new training program designed to teach horses to stop, spin, rollback, change leads and work cattle.

I am happy to share this specialized knowledge with you through my series of training videos.

My videos are different than most. Why? Because they are very detailed and show, step by step, how to thoroughly train the horse. I show how the training techniques are actually applied in real life schooling sessions. In other words, you'll see horses making mistakes and how to correct those mistakes.

My videos also teach the rider how to use his hands, legs and seat to achieve top performance. The instruction is very thorough, yet easy to understand.

To save money when ordering my videos, I suggest you get the Foundation Package or the Performance Package. You'll save $30 off the regular price and get a free bonus video too.

You can save $200 off by ordering the Mega Package. That's a 33% discount on all of my tapes, plus get 3 Free Bonus Videos, a Free Larry Trocha Training Stable ball cap embroidered with my stopping horse logo and Free Shipping.

To get the biggest savings, order the Treasure Chest Package and Save $340. Plus get 6 Free Bonus Videos, the Free Larry Trocha Training Stable ball cap embroidered with my stopping horse logo and Free Shipping.

All videos come with an unconditional six-month money-back guarantee! That's 180 days!

You will find a link to Larry's Horse Training Videos Site at Horse Tack Review. Simply click on the link titled Horse Training Videos in the navigation bar to learn more or order yours today!

Below is the list of Larry's horse training videos:

Rollback & Spin
Colt Starting Magic
Foundation Training for the Stop & Back Up
Foundation Training for Turns, Circles & Leads
Teach Your Horse to be Light & Supple
Teach Your Horse to Stop Light and Collected I
Teach Your Horse to Stop Light and Collected II
Teach Your Horse True Collection
Teach Your Horse to Rollback and Spin
Teach Your Horse Flying Lead Changes
Teach Your Horse to Sidepass
How to Start Your Horse on Cattle
Cutting Horse Training using the Mechanical Cow
Advice on Shoeing the Reining and Cutting Horse
Trailer Loading Magic

Gift Certificates are available for any of the items listed on his website (including videos, tack and saddles).