Horse Tack Review

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Horse Tack

The Lickity Bits™ Bit Wrap is a real apple treat which wraps around a horse's bit, melts in the mouth, and teaches horses to enjoy taking the bit. For young and old horses alike, taking a bit can now be a rewarding experience instead of the dreaded cold hard bit. The bit wrap is the consistency of a fruit leather and when gently squeezed will adhere to the bit. It is soft, sweet and tasty, made with natural healthy ingredients, real apple, designed to fit any horse bit, and is easy to apply.

"There are no other products like it on the market" said Kathleen Johnson, President of Tifa, Inc.. It is a training aid and a treat at the same time. She further explains, "Unlike fruit leathers which are snacks intended for children and come in flavors such as grape, strawberry, etc, we designed our Lickity Bits™ Bit Wrap specifically for horses. The size, flavor, and consistency were critical to us in the development of the Bit Wrap. We also wanted to make sure that anyone could use it, from professional trainers to children. Being a horse owner and having dealt with bit avoidance over the years, I wanted something inexpensive and easy to use. Most importantly it had to be something that the horse would not only tolerate, but love!"

Tifa, Inc. is a manufacturer of horse and animal related products. Lickity Bits™ Bit Wraps come in a re-sealable package containing 6 each and are available through local tack shops, horse supply stores, on-line retailers, and catalogs nationally.