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Missy Wryn's ALL-IN-ONE Training Halter/Bitless Bridle is Now Available

Horse Tack

No need to change out the halter after warming up, just snap on your reins and go..... Missy's ALL-IN-ONE Training Halter/Bitless Bridle gets you on the trail quicker and safer. With no sliding straps to pinch or out-of-balance reins - You and your horse will experience a safer and pain free ride. "How many times have you been on a runaway horse using a bit or know someone who had this frightening experience? A bit is a false sense of security, not to mention a painful infliction to your horse's mouth no matter what the bit manufacturer tells you. Control of your horse lies in technique and your herd leadership, not a bit, tie downs or gadgets. Using your horse's emergency handbrake taught on the ground and translated under saddle is where your safety lies. If you don't know where or how to apply your horse's emergency handbrake let me show you through my Series I "W"Holistic Horsemanship DVD's. You will have compliant precision with your ALL-IN-ONE Training Halter/Bitless Bridle and a safer happier horse". The ALL-IN-ONE Training Halter/Bitless Bridle includes a 12' Lead Rope attached by a metal free eyelet - no metal clip, clasp or snap to bang against your horse's chin.

Now available through "W"Holistic Horsemanship at or call toll free 1-866-821-0374 for a free catalog. Wholesale prices are available - dealer inquiries welcome.

Years of training some of the most difficult and dangerous horses led Missy Wryn to develop a unique and innovative training program that addresses the source of behavior and training problems while creating safer and deeper communication between horse and rider. No matter whether you are a beginner or a long time horse owner - no matter your horse's temperament, breed or type of riding you do Missy's "W"Holistic Horsemanship Training the Whole HorseĀ® techniques are a fun and safer approach to riding and handling your horse.. Visit for information about Missy, her "W"Holistic Horsemanship training program and schedule of clinics and appearances across the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. Call 866-821-0374 to schedule Missy for your event or clinic in your area, or email