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Justin Boot Gypsy Roper

Horse Tack Review Staff

As we all know, footwear is a huge part of our sport. Not only for our horses, but for their human companions as well. Style, comfort, durability and functionality all play a role when selecting which boots to wear for showing and everyday barn use. For this review, we have “road tested” a pair of boots that we think fits all four requirements: Justin Ladies Gypsy Roper Boots in Aged Bark. The “Justin Gypsy” boot retails for a cool price of $74.99 and is available in ladies sizes 5½ - 10, 11 B width. Justin describes their Gypsy boots as “All leather, stirrup and spur friendly. Easy on/off, cool and lightweight. Excellent for riding or casual wear.”

How often do you buy a new pair of shoes, boots, even athletic shoes that are comfortable right out of the box? Perhaps slippers, but DEFINITELY, not riding boots. Amazingly, these boots required no break-in time. In my experience, tall cushioned socks are a required item when breaking in new boots due to the “rub”. You know, that delightful red, raw spot that forms right above the top of the boot line. Oh, and if you’re lucky, the rub heals right about the time you need to purchase new boots. We are happy to report that the Justin Gypsy boot is extremely cushioned and maintains its comfortable feel even after a day of walking laps around the shows grounds and competing under saddle.

Yes, comfort is important but so is style! We think our fashionable riders will be extremely pleased with these boots. They are incredibly cute with their rich, dark brown color and pink embroidered tops. The best part? The tops of the boots are easily covered so for the show ring, the only thing visible is the leather bottoms.

Justin is a name we all know and trust when it comes to classic styling. We are happy to report that this style has not been compromised. The Justin Gypsy echoes the popular roper style complete with crepe-soles making it a sure fan favorite. For the price, Justin Gypsy boots cannot be beat.