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EZ ON Bucket Tops

Horse Tack Review Staff

ďThere has got to be a better way to do thisĒ - If you read the About Us section of Horse Spa Productís website, you will see this as their motto. Their innovative approach to making products to lessen the burdens for equestrians is seen as you peruse over their store. They have found a better way and you say to yourself, why didnít I think of that? So simple? A bucket cover. But they have perfected this for us. No more worrying that our horse, or worse, vermin, may get into something they are not supposed to have while we are not looking (more food) or simply a perfect way to pack feed for horse show travel.

The bucket covers are delivered some product details, an eye-catching, nicely put together full color brochure giving information on their line of bucket covers with clear, appealing photos of their covers in use.

Solid 840 denier nylon is coated on the underside to waterproof. The 8 quart model will fit any shape of bucket (round, flat-backed, oval or square). The design allows free and easy movement of the bucket handles. The current price for this unit, on the Horse Spa website, is $9.95 US. Wide elastic edges to secure cover to bucket and finished edges (the areas that make contact with the bucket handles are reinforced). Available from the website in black only, however my sample is a pretty blue color with the Horse Spa logo stamped, in white, on the top. High quality hook and loop fasteners on both ends of the cover.

Our first experience with the bucket covers were on a standard 8 quart round water bucket. The cover went on super quick and easy, closed securely and the elastic which runs along the edge of the cover stayed flat as it should. The bucket handles moved freely as promised and rested flat when let go. As our testers carried full water buckets to horsesí stalls, water sloshed around but didnít splash out! This was thrilling about, especially on a frigid winter night.

Next we tried the cover on a square bucket we had lying around. The cover fit snugly but didnít look as nice as it does on a round or oval bucket. The easiest way to apply the cover is to secure the hook and loop tabs to one side of the bucket handle and then stretch it over to the other side.

Over the course of the testing period, we found a variety of uses for the cover Ė and each time, thankful for the covers. It stopped water from spilling down our legs carrying full buckets, kept snow off of buckets of horse feed when it was left outside several times and even kept the moisture in a warm bran mash our horses had as a treat. While the covers were tested mainly with horse feed and water, they would also be handy at shows to protect grooming items. You could store clean brushes, combs and other grooming items in a bucket without worry of them getting covered in hay or dust.

Horse Spa Products also makes clear covers, covers with mesh tops and designer covers for those who want something a little more fancy. All of these would suit a barn or show environment, helping to identify which bucket belongs to which horse or person.

The covers do not stiffen in the freezing temperatures, and even with gloves on they are easy to apply and remove. With repeated use the elastic did not stretch out, twist or break. (And as a test of the elasticís strength, the cover was placed on a bucket and left sitting for a full 24 hours. When it was removed, the elastic immediately bounced returned to its original size). The hook and loop tabs, though looking fuzzier, havenít diminished in their holding strength. Itís very apparent that quality materials were used to make the cover, and thought was put into the design.

After a month of use the covers still look great, less a light covering of dust from time to time (that is easily wiped away with a damp cloth). This was impressive however as proof the covers were protecting the contents of their buckets appropriately!

While these are promoted as horse products, they can be seen as practical products in other sports, or even day to day life. We liked that these can be embroidered to customize the look of the bucket. Our only wish is that Horse Spa Products sold the Basic bucket cover in something other than black, though for the price, this is a very reasonable product Ė and a nice looking twist to a simple idea.

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