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Oster Grooming Kit Winner, March 2004

Horse Tack Review Editor

Horse Tack Review congratulates Cathy (and Padu, shown above) from Santa Monica, California, the Winner in our Oster 6 piece grooming kit! Cathy wrote reviews on the Barnsby Polo Saddle and Farnam's Weight Builder. You can see what a difference the Weight Builder made for Padu in only 7 months! And this is what Cathy had to say when she learned that she'd won...

Thanks, Kristi - this is great news! I'm afraid many of my horse's brushes have walked off as brushes and tack tend to do in a boarding barn if you don't write your name all over them in Day-Glo paint, so the timing is perfect! I have seen the Oster set at my tack store but they are expensive and Mr. Spoiled Horse (Padu, picture attached) already gets over $100 in supplements, shoes all around, Equine Senior, and lives on a seventy-acre gated estate in Topanga Canyon while I live in a studio apartment. You see the priorities around here!

I love the idea of a horse tack review site. With so many of us buying horse tack and supplies off the internet, it is very helpful to hear honest reviews about the quality of different brands from other horsepeople. It's a great resource for beginers, too. I used to work in a tack shop and had to explain many times how a cheap saddle wasn't just less durable, but frequently was improperly stuffed and was a sore back and high vet bills waiting to happen.