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Ariat Unveils Eco-Friendly Apparel Garments for Fall 2008

Riding Apparel

Ariat International, Inc., the innovation leader in performance equestrian footwear, apparel and accessories is pleased to announce the introduction of their first eco-friendly performance apparel for Fall 2008. The Eco Thermal garments are made from recycled Polartec® Power Dry® fabric. This development illustrates Ariat’s commitment to consistent design expansion while being environmentally conscious.

The Eco Thermal garments, available in women’s Zip Top and Vest, harnesses the waste stream from the yarn manufacturing process. By recycling the yarn and fabric scraps that would have previously been discarded, Ariat is able to reduce consumption of energy and non-renewable petroleum. In fact, using recycled yarn saves the energy equivalent of a quarter of a gallon of gasoline per yard.

In addition to being constructed of recycled materials, Ariat® Eco Thermal is recyclable. Rather ending up in landfills, Eco Thermal garments can be broken down into their raw content and used to produce new yarn, new fabric and new garments.

While reducing their carbon footprint is an important consideration for Ariat, the company is unwavering in their commitment to deliver the highest performance products to their customers.

With this in mind, Ariat® Eco Thermal is not only manufactured using Polartec® Eco-EngineeringTM but the fabric delivers superior moisture wicking action and warmth. The fabric actively pulls moisture away from the skin spreading it out on the surface to keep you dry and comfortable. In addition, the fleece backing works to trap air so you stay warm, while the smooth face allows you to easily layer a jacket or vest depending on the weather conditions.

The Eco Thermal styles are offered in colors that coordinate into easy outfits for performance and high style.

About Ariat International, Inc.

Ariat International, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of innovative performance equestrian footwear, apparel, handbags and belts. Featuring a patented technology designed to deliver stability, durability and comfort, Ariat pioneered the application of advanced athletic shoe technology into English riding boots and authentic Western boots. Ariat products are sold in a network of retail outlets throughout the world. For more information about Ariat products or for the Ariat retailer nearest you, contact Ariat at 800.899.8141 or visit

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