Horse Tack Review

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Horse Tack - Health Products

Fight the effects of heat stress with the Equine Koozie--intended to prevent heat stress before it becomes a problem. Using a three-layer Hydroweave technology, Equine Koozie is an easy way to help minimize heat stress. It works by absorbing sweat and transferring heat from the horse through the fabricís inner core to the outer core, where it is evaporated, thus reducing the animalís internal temperature.

The Equine Koozie is worn as a vest covering the chest area, where the horseís vital organs are located and where relief is most needed. It is pre-soaked in water for a few moments before use and works for up to six hours afterward. Simply re-soak for a few moments, and it is good to go all over again.

There are no gel packs to worry about, and itís machine washable. Use it anytime, such as when transporting, riding, exercising, stalling, as well as for alleviating the stress and excessive sweating associated with medical/dental procedures.

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