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New Technology: Anti-Microbial Headbands

Charles Owen & Company

Charles Owen & Company is thrilled to announce the introduction of anti-microbial headbands within their range of helmets. This proven technology utilizes the natural properties of silver to prevent the growth of bacteria within the fabric’s structure, keeping it fresh & hygienic.

The super soft headbands are embedded with high tech silver ions, which are bonded to the fibres at a microscopic level. These ions have the ability to reduce levels of bacteria, mould and fungi on the surface. It’s extremely effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria.

Silver is a natural element, with a low toxicity, and has been extensively tested by the medical laboratories. It is very safe and does not affect the performance of the product. Extensive testing has proven the longevity of silver in retaining its antimicrobial properties.

Roy Burek Managing Director and grandson of the late Charles Owen commented: “We are continually looking for new ways to improve the performance of our products, introducing antimicrobial headbands is just another way of ensuring our customers the best possible protection.”