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Mane Pulling

Does your horse dread mane pulling? Want to know an easy way to pull mane hair “with roots” for your horse’s breed association registration? Here’s an easy mane pulling method that will keep your horse comfortable and happy.

Longe, turn out, or ride your horse to warm up his body immediately before mane pulling. The horse will be more comfortable warmed up for the mane pulling as the hairs will release easier.

Begin the mane pulling at the wither and work up to the poll. Position your comb close to the horse’s neck and wrap several mane hair strands around the comb. Begin with only a small amount of hair strands. Gently increase the hair tension on the comb. Hold a steady tension and wait. After a second or two the hair strands will “pop” and release by the roots at the base of the horse’s neck.

If the strands don’t release within a couple seconds, rewrap several strands around the comb and try again. Remember, do not “pull” the horse’s hair out. The key to the horse’s comfort is using a steady tension and letting the mane hairs “release” on their own.

If you are doing mane pulling on the entire length of horse’s neck, pull small segments of mane over several days’ time. Doing small segments over several days will assure the most comfort for your horse.

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